Holi Festival Slated to Bring Some Much Needed Cheer Around the Globe in This Gloomy Economic Climate

"With the economic reality of today, it’s nice to be able to celebrate a festival without having to spend a lot of money!”

Dayton, OH, March 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Holi, one of the most colorful festivals in the world, will be celebrated this year on March 11 all over the world. It is a very family and neighborly holiday where everyone joyfully throws colored powder, and sometimes even colored water, all over each other. No one is immune from the fun in this jubilant affair. “It is a very inclusive festival, that originated in India, where the old, young, and even disabled can easily participate”, says Gita Saini, Co-Founder of the popular international, social and parenting network DesiMamma.Ning.com. She adds, “The rich and the poor can participate equally since colored powders and colored water can easily be made at home. With the economic reality of today, it’s nice to be able to celebrate a festival without having to spend a lot of money!”

To educate children globally about Holi, Saini has created a remarkable video-book about Holi in English that can also be found on YouTube. DesiMamma.Ning.com has also announced a Holi-themed writing contest for children. “Through the writing contest, and video-book, it is our hope that children all over the world will better understand Holi and build some excitement in themselves about it”, says Saini.

Vatavaran and ToxicsLink.org, have come out with publications on the toxins that have been found in some of store-bought Holi colors. This has occurred because of the shift from organic materials, such as herbs, over to cheaper synthetic dyes. “For parents who are worried about the origins of store bought colors, we have put up information on how to make organic colors on your own at home”, says Meena Kapur, who founded DesiMamma.Ning.com along with Saini, and also writes for greenwala.com.

About Desi Mamma:

DesiMamma.NING.com is an Indian cultural, social and parenting network based in the United States. With members from all over the world, the website has been growing in popularity. It is well known for its insightful blog, and its founders, Gita Saini and Meena Kapur, have received plenty of positive feedback from its members. Desi.Mamma.NING.com contains a wealth of information about Indian culture for adults and kids alike. Visit www.DesiMamma.NING.com for more details about the Holi themed writing contest and to view the video-book.

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