Rogue CFO Consulting Predicts an Active Year for Angel and Venture Capital Investing

Rogue CFO Consulting is seeing an incredible increase in activity from angel investors and venture capitalists in 2009 compared to 2008.

Phoenix, AZ, March 01, 2009 --( Rogue CFO & Startup Consultant Chris Benjamin has seen a phenomenal increase in investor activity in 2009 compared to 2008 based on the first 2 months of the year. “The amount of interest from angels and venture capitalists this year has been terrific. Truly a shining light and finally some hope amidst this bleak economy” says Rogue CFO Chris Benjamin. “Working with several very exciting startups in the entertainment and web 2.0 realm this year, I’ve had investors approaching me and asking about the startup community and the companies I’m working with. A drastic change from last year when raising capital was next to impossible.”

With 12 years experience of which 8 years was with public companies, Startup CFO Chris Benjamin has relevant experience with firms of all sizes and in several industries. Rogue CFO Consulting is currently working with seed and startup stage companies as a CFO, helping direct them with strategy, raising capital, and general cash flow management in their first few years of operations.

With 2008 being a dismal year in the investment community, several portfolios seeing their investments cut in half, investors are anxious for a turnaround in 2009. The dramatic shift in attitude is a result of several factors. Investors desire to create wealth and recover from 2008 is at the helm, and the environment is prime for good investment opportunities. The economic shake out has forced many would-be entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, several of who have terrific business models, solid revenue generation streams, and unparalleled management experience. As well, people are solving problems. “It all boils down to what is the problem and what is your solution. If you can make a better mousetrap, it will sell. Making people’s lives easier and solving problems they have is the first, broad level concept people have to understand when starting a company” says Chris Benjamin.

There are still fundamental qualities an angel investor or venture capitalists will look at. “I call them the three M’s: Money, Management, Marketing” says Chris. What is the companies business and revenue model, who is the management team and what do they bring to the project, and how will the company market its product or service. There is also one other very important distinguishing factor between companies who get funded and those who don’t: “Has the entrepreneur invested money themselves in their project, or raised friends & family money. If the entrepreneur has personally invested, it speaks volumes about their commitment to the project versus the entrepreneur who has nothing as risk”.

Chris Benjamin specializes in working with entrepreneurs who have exciting and new business models. With 12 years of experience as a CFO, a MBA degree from the University of WA in Entrepreneurship and a passion for the startup community, Chris Benjamin has helped over 100 companies. Investor-ready business plans, financial forecasts, executive summaries, presentations are specialties, along with ongoing CFO consulting to help new firms locate venture capital.

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