ActionCOACH Expands Into the New Territory of Kenya in the Midst of the Recession

ActionCOACH Lemmie Maloiy has taken ActionCOACH to Kenya.

Las Vegas, NV, March 01, 2009 --( When ActionCOACH Lemmie Maloiy decided to move back from Perth, Australia to his hometown in Kenya, he took his ActionCOACH practice with him.

As part of the successful business coaching firm Business Success Excelerators Pty Ltd (BSE), which represents ActionCOACH in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Mr Maloiy is now ready to take the proven and tested ActionCOACH tools, systems and knowledge to a brand new territory.

“The business environment in Kenya is conducive to the growth of the ActionCOACH brand,” Director of Franchise Sales and Marketing Jodie Shaw said. “Kenya has a robust small business sector – which is critical to the economic success of the region.”

Mr Maloiy also foresees many opportunities for business coaching in Kenya.

“With Kenya’s small-and-medium sized enterprise (SME) sector starting to develop, there is a massive opportunity for ActionCOACH to flourish in the region,” he said. “Business coaching is a new concept but has the potential to form a symbiotic relationship with the SME market. The biggest opportunity I see for the Kenyan market is the education provided by ActionCOACH and the expertise which comes with each and every coach that carries the ActionCOACH badge.”

Expanding ActionCOACH’s operations in Kenya will take the company closer to its goal of operating in 120 countries by December 12th, 2012 (“120 by 12/12/2012”).

At a time when confidence in business is at an all-time low, ActionCOACH is making huge strides in the business world.

“While the global financial crunch is on, it is good to see that the small-to-medium sized market in Kenya is still vibrant,” Mr Maloiy said. “The going will get tough, but the signs that this could be the key to keeping the economy afloat are evident.”

Mr Maloiy points out how in any growing economy, the middle class greatly influences the direction of the economy due to its sheer numbers, and believes that change in Kenya will come from the small-and-medium sized business sector.

“My passion lies with this business sector because of its immense potential for growth - this growth will spur a plethora of different activities that will directly reflect on Kenya as a country,” he said. “Education and empowerment of the business owners in this sector will go a long way to foster this growth.”

Mr Maloiy is confident that the system developed by ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars is specifically for small-to-medium sized business and covers all aspects of the business world, from finances to succession planning and believes this diverse aspect is hard to beat.

“The niche I plan to carve out is that of a business educator,” he said. “Education is the key to empowerment and I think with the right knowledge, business owners can flourish and take their businesses to the next level.”

Business Coaching is a growth industry and is the second fastest growing industry, behind IT. ActionCOACH enjoys the largest slice of this lucrative and growing market.

A practice development research revealed that 58% of businesses use a Business Coach. This same study also found that a business can increase profit margin by an average of 46% by using the services of a certified Business Coach.

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