Russia Club Launched Online

Moscow, Russia, March 02, 2009 --( Recently, has been launched for the English speaking Russian people who want to remain attached with their country and participate in interactive sessions with people of their own land. The owner told the media persons that the newly launched website is a community where you can have an access to updated information about all key areas of interests like music, art, politics, hobby, history, health care, sports, car, travel and shopping to name a few.

The owner also raised curtains from the fact that this forum is especially meant for all the Russians who want to remain attached with their country land by actively participating in forums having recent topics of travel attractions, shopping experience in different markets and retail malls; and give their piece of mind about them. This forum serves all those countrymen who want to bring constructive changes in their country and that is why are always willing to share their productive thoughts with other Russians.

On the occasion of website launch, the owner also told media persons mentioned about different categories of forum and further proceeded entailing about political issues being raised in the forum. He discussed that people can give their opinions about whether war with Japan is a constructive decision, political views about this country and its political leaders. He also added that this forum is a splendid platform where you can give your perceptions about different issues without any hesitation. And as your opinions will be read by people worldwide, this can bring healthy changes in the thinking of our society and some complicated issues can be resolved easily.

The owner also guaranteed that this forum can never contain anything obscene and against the Russian culture. He threw light on this fundamental by discussing about different terms and conditions attached with this forum community. These different terms and conditions, such as no deletion of posts, no post attachment, no posting of new topics, no reply to topics provided in the forum and no editing can be done on the posts. He elaborated that this makes the forum completely a clean interactive forum where you can undertake healthy discussion with your counterpart countrymen without any inconveniences.

The owner of also told the journalists that this forum also provides the opportunity of using live Webcam and therefore, you can easily view the person you are discussing matters with. This way the entire forum becomes one of the most convenient places to indulge in exciting chats with people sharing common interests.

When asked about the problems that may arise while accessing this forum, the owner began to discuss about the FAQ facility. Under this facility, users can clarify all of their confusions with the community experts and directors. Therefore, they can have access to all the answers related with queries and therefore, make out of this forum by partaking in active conversations with the people of their choice.

He also highlighted the different advantages attached with this forum like active and healthy interactions that can build constructive opinions. On the other side, he also said this community can provide sense of belongingness to all the people living away from Russia but still want to keep in touch with its members.

Russia Club
Ivan Medvedev