Admedia Solutions Offers Help For Publishers Through Advertising Revenue Center

The Advertising Revenue Centre (ARC) is a new service designed to help online publishers sell advertising space and to generate revenue streams from their websites

Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 28, 2009 --( Publishers of websites have increasingly been coming to the awareness that they could monetize their sites through advertising, bringing in an additional revenue stream for themselves or their business. However, this is something which is easier said than done and many publishers find themselves at a loss as to how to maximize their revenue through advertising.

Enter Advertising Revenue Centre ( from Admedia Solutions Ltd; this Cambridge-based business was created to help website owners find ways to increase revenue through the sale of advertising and assisting web based businesses to make their online presences more profitable overall.

Offering far more than advice to publishers on selling advertising, Advertising Revenue Center provides a full range of resources including tutorials and tips on advert design, advice and valuable insight on sales and marketing techniques, pricing structure, customer relations and overall web design and optimization geared towards achieving more sales for the company as well as attracting advertisers. They also provide a highly valuable Q&A service where members can ask them specific questions about their online businesses.

“It’s surprising how many publishers fail to take full advantage of the monetization opportunities open to them on the web”, says ARC founder Andrew Long. “A lot of websites are literally sitting on a goldmine with no tools to start digging or even an idea that there is wealth right under their noses. That’s why we started Advertising Revenue Centre – the team wants to share our many years of experience in the advertising sales and internet business world with websites who want to grow right along with emerging web technologies”.

Offering a wealth of services, tutorials and other educational tools as well as networking opportunities through ARC’s partners, this service can bring a lot of benefits to web publishers who want to make sure that their website is living up to its full revenue producing potential.

The company behind ARC, Admedia Solutions is currently offering six month's worth of downloadable resources as a trial subscription to its services, with a very competitive subscription rate of £129 (around $210) per year or £15 (About $22) per month after that. To learn more about the trial offer and Advertising Revenue Centre’s services, visit

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