Thrill Street Stresses "Show and Sell" DRTV Focus

Boca Raton, FL, March 03, 2009 --( Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. ( a full service advertising, entertainment, production, and marketing company continues to stress the importance of video and incorporating a DRTV "Show and Sell" focus into any successful marketing campaign whether it includes actual television time or not. "It does not matter whether you are advertising in prime time or online or even through mobile text marketing, video is a powerful selling medium, and it should now be included in any direct response campaign.", Michael Dugan, President of Thrill Street Entertainment said.

"There are so many ways to market these days and the new technology is giving us more options than ever before. At Thrill Street, we make a concerted effort to help our clients incorporate video into any campaign.", Dugan explained. "You can embed video on a website, link to it through email, and even send it to a cell phone. That presentation can demonstrate your product, show it, feature testimonials, and most important give a call to action that can result in an immediate direct response sale."

A television schedule is no longer a requirement to create a compelling video presentation. In fact, a simple post on YouTube with the right key words can generate an enormous amount of direct response sales without costing a dime.

"There is a tendency to get sucked into the new technology and abandon the old selling techniques that were always successful. Thrill Street believes that the new technology will simply give us new and more effective ways to use proven selling techniques like direct response video.", Dugan stated. "I would not consider developing a landing page or ecommerce website without embedding some flash video that helps trigger a sale."

Video does not have to be expensive. The amazing new and inexpensive High Definition cameras and laptop editing systems can make video easily affordable and give a campaign a wallop that simple photographs and copy cannot give you. With the proliferation of satellite and cable TV stations, the exponential expansion of the internet, and the new technologies associated with mobile text messaging, video has become an every day tool and not simply a television advertising requirement.

"Show it. Sell it! That's what video does. It gives your product a depth, dimension, and credibility that makes it stand out in this very competitive environment.", Dugan commented. "Direct Response marketing came alive with video, and now with so many ways to disseminate it, video should be included as an essential element in any type of direct marketing campaign."

Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc., has created hundreds of Direct Response Television Commercials, ecommerce websites, email direct marketing campaigns, and even mobile text marketing programs. For more information about Thrill Street Entertainment contact Michael Dugan at: 1-800-282-3216 or go to Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. is a full service entertainment, advertising, production, and marketing company that has generated over $750 million dollars in Direct Response sales.

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