Joshua Estrin and Luis Perez- an Unlikely Duo Brings Simple, Safe, Success to the Health Conscious Business Community

Miami, FL, July 10, 2006 --( At 5’5” and 6’0” respectively, some might argue they are a rather unlikely duo, but Luis Perez, fitness guru originally from Mexico and now the Health/Wellness expert for Despierta America, Univision’s Spanish language “Today Show,” and Joshua Estrin MS, President and CEO of Concepts In Success as well as a motivational speaker with Jewish/Argentinean roots, join forces to create a revolution?  Perhaps, but the line between a revolution and an evolution is often invisible. 

At age 12, shy and overweight, Perez left Mexico and never expected to be greeting fans across the globe or answering emails from admirers.

"I started out an overweight child and had no idea what a healthy lifestyle meant. But in my early teens. I began to really try and watch what I ate and found dance. I slimmed down and at 17 won a ballet scholarship to Harkness House in New York City where I trained and later danced professionally. After almost 20 years in the health/fitness industry, I have seen the transformation from fuzzy leg warmers and Velcro Reebok sneakers, to high tech, high energy classes.”

Estrin, originally an Actor in New York City, decided to take his creative talents into the world of business using his degree in clinical therapy and human behavior as a spring-board into the world of celbrity life coaching, seminars and a series of books the first, Shut Up! and Listen to Yourself selling out almost immediately after the 2005 release and now available again online at Amazon.

"People excite me," remarks Estrin. "Finding creative ways to allow for human potential to be realized is something that demands to be shared. My work with Luis is an amalgamation of who I am and what I needed to learn to transition from the Arts, into the world of business."

"As a bilingual, bicultural professional, I see myself as far more than a statistical blip, demographic or market segment and I empower my clients to not only strive to work and live 'outside the box,' but stand on that same box and not be afraid to do a 'tap dance'."

Perez and Estrin have appeared on national/international television with a brand of humor and concrete solutions to life’s issues that are both motivational and supportive.

“We don’t yell at our clients, we don’t embarrass or humiliate, but we laugh, we laugh a lot. After all, life can be remarkably absurd at times.” 

Especially committed to the Hispanic Community. “We have long been under recognized and set up to expect less from ourselves,” comments Perez. "With individual clients and companies in both the for profit and not-for-profit sector, our work focuses on action, ability and awareness."

With hundred of articles already in print and two more positioned to appear in Men's Health and Hispanic Business Magazines, Perez and Estrin are now completing their 3rd book, SHUT UP! and Listen to Your Body and are hoping to offer “their concept of success,” to the Hispanic Community and the community at large.

“We live the changes we are trying to make and make the change as we live, and we don’t ask our clients to try anything we haven’t already attempted in our own lives,” adds Estrin.

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