For Atlanta Businesses Chasing Recognition, the Print Media Loses Its Allure

Atlanta Press Release Agency Sees Market Interest in Print Media Coverage Dwindle as Internet Search Engines Consolidate Their Influence.

Atlanta, GA, March 05, 2009 --( The prominence of Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo and their familiarity to younger business executives -- may be accelerating the demise of the print media faster than even publishers realize, says an Atlanta publicist.

Ron Goodden, principal of, an agency specializing in commercial press releases, says that "In the past year there's been a sea change in attitude among businesses we serve. Many no longer even care if the print media picks up their news stories. Coverage on the Internet seems their only focus."

Goodden attributes this to the saturation of the Internet across society and the Information Age savvy of a younger generation now moving into corporate management -- as well as to the waning importance of traditional newspapers.

"Having grown up in an era in which newspaper circulation has withered and in which newspapers have ceded much of their former role in the nation's intellectual life, younger business managers feel none of the emotional link to newsprint that their predecessors did," adds Goodden.

And this transition to a generation of managers more comfortable with the Internet's vast potential is quickening the demise of the print advertising market. "Business CEOs now regard Internet search engines as society's prime information source, one which incorporates the electronic versions of newspapers -- and they see little left to love about printers' ink."

While Goodden's agency is seeing steady demand for commercial press releases, far fewer clients are specifically requesting dissemination to local print media. "It's clear businesses have concluded that Google now rules, and that their marketing efforts must reflect this," says Goodden.

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Ron Goodden