DTech Labs and Network Equipment Technologies Announce Secure VoIP Products for Tactical Government and Military User

DTech Labs and Network Equipment Technologies, Inc announce general availability and initial customer shipments of the WHISPER400 Mobile VX VoIP solution for government, defense and first-responder customers.

Sterling, VA, July 11, 2006 --(PR.com)-- DTech Labs, Inc., a provider of secure, mobile communications products, and Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: NWK), a global supplier of VoIP-enabled multi-service network exchange systems and software, announced today general availability of the DTECH LABS WHISPER400.  Initial customer shipments of the WHISPER400 commenced during the previous month.  The WHISPER400 is the first deployment of NET’s Voice Exchange (VX) VoIP software platform on DTECH LABS’ 2nd generation mobile VoIP hardware platform.  The VX Software platform is based on NET’s award winning SHOUT VoIP technology.

Targeted at the tactical government, military and first-responder markets, the WHISPER400 offers the full set of VX software functionality available in the WHISPER900 Secure VoIP Gateway, developed jointly between NET and DTECH LABS in 2005.  Whereas the 900 is geared to support between 5 and 120 users, the 400-series is designed to support 1-4 tactical Secure Call Users, plus data, over an IP-based satellite network infrastructure. Both WHISPER products are also fully compatible with NET’s VX Series Voice Exchange switches, providing end-to-end tactical-to- fixed site connectivity.  Both firms will offer the WHISPER400 to their respective customers. NET will sell the product as the VX400.

Robert Denson, president of DTECH LABS, said, "Our customer base is continually seeking ways to become smaller, faster and lighter – in a word, more responsive to the threats that we face today. Our new WHISPER400 hardware platform, which delivers the complete functionality of the VX Software platform, helps them to meet this goal.  When combined with our remote satellite communications kits, the WHISPER400 becomes a high-availability, low-power solution that allows the tactical user to take their secure communications capabilities with them, wherever their mission may lead."

The WHISPER400 Secure VoIP Interface was designed to meet the growing demand for mobile Secure Telephone Unit (STU), Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) and Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) or Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal (FNBDT) calling over emerging Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) and Very Small Aperture (VSAT) IP-based satellite networks.  The VX VoIP Software is not only extremely bandwidth-efficient, but it also offers the industry’s best network fault-tolerant capabilities for secure calls – including data compression, forward error correction, echo cancellation and jitter correction – all critical factors when operating in tactical, high-latency or unpredictable network environments.

“This platform adds an important element to our product portfolio, enabling us to deliver the complete functionality and value-add of our VX Software platform to the small, tactical team,” said Gary Lau, president of NET Federal. “By deploying this capability to the farthest reaches of the mobile network, we can enable a complete end-to-end VoIP solution that provides robust, bandwidth-efficient secure call capabilities.”

About DTech Labs, Inc.
DTech Labs, Inc. is a provider of specialized secure, mobile communications and networking equipment that enables its customers to operate in extreme and unpredictable environments. A focus on smaller, faster and lighter technologies, along with DTech Labs’ own power management technologies, ensures that their customers can communicate securely, anywhere, anytime.  Visit www.dtechlabs.com for more information.

About Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of multi-service network exchange solutions that enable flexible, cost-effective network evolution.  A pioneer of the networking industry, NET has been delivering secure voice and data solutions to government and commercial customers for over 20 years. Visit www.net.com for more information.


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