Patentest Inc, Launches in North America. Introducing Its Innovative No Find No Fee Patentability Search to the Region.

Patentest Inc, announced today the launch of its service in the US and Canada. This launch is the precursor to its penetration of these new markets and the introduction of its revolutionary "No Find No Fee" patentablity search to the region. This business method is patent pending in the US. If the idea or invention submitted for search is new, the patentability search is free.

Duluth, GA, March 05, 2009 --( Patentest Inc, a Delaware corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of New-Tone Ltd. has launched is online website at The company is engaged in various type of Intellectual Property (IP) related searches. The platform delivers an online, hosted, secure solution for inventors, patent lawyers, and enterprises to manage their search request submissions and reports. It allows for multi user accounts.

The launch of marks the introduction of its services to the US and Canadian markets. development and recent launch is derived from many years of experience performing the service in Europe and the Middle East in which the services, products, and delivery systems were perfected by the company.

In a conference all today, Israel Tvito, founder and president said today that "Patentest Inc, expects to see a rapid penetration to the north American market led by our No Find No Fee, patent pending, patentability search service."

The leading service of Patentest Inc, is the patentability search. The No Find No Fee, patent pending business method in which customers don't pay if the search does not yield prior art is the main attraction allowing our customers to move past the search phase while saving its associated cost to the next, more costly, patent application stage.

Patentest Inc,
Israel Tvito