School Districts and State Departments of Education Share SIF Implementation Successes

The District Administration, The Magazine of School District Management, recently published two articles celebrating the successes of several school districts and state departments of education in their implementations of the SIF Specifications.

Washington, DC, March 05, 2009 --( The SIFication of America, an article published by "District Administration" in March 2009, highlights how three school districts were able to streamline data management, generate cost savings and increase information sharing between applications. Anoka-Hennepin in Minnesota, Duvall County Public Schools in Florida and Vail Unified School District in Arizona, used SIF application/agent pairings from Pearson, Edustructures and ParentLink, to make this a reality. In addition, Lincoln County Schools in Oklahoma discussed their relationship with the Oklahoma Department of Education in the Vertical Implementation of SIF. As the article stated, SIF “has come of age.”

“We are thrilled to see such great successes in the implementation of SIF broadly with school districts and states,” stated Larry L. Fruth, PhD, Executive Director/CEO of the SIF Association. “Leveraging the SIF Specifications to enable schools in seamlessly passing information, generating cost savings and maximizing technology dollars to facilitate student learning has always been one of the core goals of SIF.”

An additional article published online from the District Administration March 2009 edition, The Alavarado Independent School District: What could you do with an extra $18 per student?, discussed the needs of this school district to bridge the gap in the business processes that lead to high overhead. With a limited staff and utilizing SIF application/agent pairings from Edustructures and Follett’s Destiny, Alvarado Independent School District was able to save over $50,000 in the past three years; allowing the school district to reallocate those monies to purchase a laptop for every student in grades 4-6.

The SIFication of America article can be found online from the District Administration Website,

The Alvarado Independent School District: What could you do with an extra $18 per student? article can be found at

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