Retired Moving Company Executive John Black Has Published an eBook Revealing Insider Information About the Industry

John Black, former moving company executive, has written about the down side of the industry and how the average person can overcome problems when they move.

Marina Del Rey, CA, March 05, 2009 --( Author John Black, a 30 plus year high level executive in the household goods moving industry, has written details about his experiences in that field. His new book, in electronic format only at this time, is informative about how and why a move goes wrong and what can be done to prevent it.

Mr. Black began his career shortly out of college. During that time the industry was dedicated to training at every level of the business but unfortunately, this training is not available these days. That background prepared him well for his profession.

What impresses him most about the industry is just how hard moving is for customers. More than just a hardship, it's traumatic and full of problems, daily issues and sleepless nights. The industry has become calloused over the years and needs to re-think its relationship with the people it moves.

Mr. Black has great respect for people in his former industry. His many years of experience have taught him that it's a difficult job and requires professional training. He wrote his book because the public needs to know how to deal with movers. Moving does not have to be a traumatic experience. Preparation is the answer and this book was written to help.

His ebook, "10 Ways Moving Companies Rip You Off and How to Avoid Them" is available on his web site at

Mr. Black now works with his wife, Linda, in their real estate business. They live in Marina Del Rey, California.

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