IPv6 Forum Israel Asks: Are You Ready for 2010?

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The IPv6 Forum Israel yesterday, on March 3rd, held a day long tutorial on the New Internet protocol at day two of the ISOC-IL (Internet Society of Israel) Annual Conference. Speakers joined from the IPv6 Forum, Google, Juniper, CISCO, Piano Networks, Bechtel, the IDF, ECI Telecom, PurePeak, and KeystoneTech Group.

In this third annual IPv6 Forum Israel participation in the ISOC-IL program, the Forum asked: “Are you ready for 2010?” The session focused on the key the drivers of IPv6 deployment – the significant depletion of the IPv4 addresses, and the opportunity of innovative v6 driven application development. “We are moving to another level of interest and focus with regard to IPv6,” says Limor Schafman, outgoing President of the IPv6 Forum Israel. The ISOC-IL conference focused yesterday on personalized ad serving, mobile web, video games and virtual worlds, and cloud computing. Each of these assumes and demands ubiquitous, connected, on-demand content distribution systems which can only exist if IPv6 is adopted, deployed and activated through new applications.”

The conference emphasized new applications such as Piano Networks’ Vidder video distribution v6 over v4 browser based application, case studies by Bechtel, and in-depth presentations by the IPv6 Forum, Google, Juniper, CISCO, the IDF, ECI Telecom, PurePeak, KeystoneTech Group and STKI.
IPv6 deployment and development is of particular importance to Israel.

“Israel’s economy is largely based on its famous high-tech industries, which have been one of the main engines of its growth. Recently it seems that its technological superiority compared to the rest of the world is diminishing. Countries like China, India, North Korea who prioritize development of advanced high-tech industries, have all of them have implemented IPv6,” says Sharon Peleg, CEO of PurePeak and in-coming President of the IPv6 Forum Israel. “If we do not come to our senses and regain the famous Israeli technological advantage by actively adopting IPv6, we may find the Israeli high-tech market and Israeli economy in general, in a much degraded state.”

The IPv6 Forum Israel IPv6 Tutorial conference program can be found at www.isoc.org.il. The full video of the conference will be available on the site in a few days.

Contact Info:
IPv6 Forum Israel: The IPv6 Forum Israel (www.IPv6Forum-Israel.com) is the local chapter of the IPv6 Forum. It’s mission is to It provides information, education and resources to promote the deployment and development of networks, systems and applications utilizing IPv6.

Limor Schafman: Limor Schafman, outgoing president of the IPv6 Forum Israel, is honored to have worked with the co-founders of the chapter. She is president of KeystoneTech Group (www.keystonetechgroup.com), a Washington DC based interactive marketing strategy and implementation company using mobile, social networks, video games, and virtual worlds.

Sharon Peleg: Mr. Peleg, incoming president of the IPv6 Forum has over 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship and in product and business development. He is the CEO of PurePeak (http://purepeak.com) – a highly technological, leading company that provides advanced solutions for IP networking requirements, establishments of large networks, ISPs and NGNs, and provides high-end colocation solutions in premium data-centers around the world.

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