Lean ERP Solution Now Available

eBECS has developed Lean functionality to specifically address the needs of A & D manufacturing organizations. If you are on a Lean Journey and are in the market for a new ERP/business solution, you may be interested in reading the following.

Atlanta, GA, March 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- eBECS announces the launch of its Lean Solution for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. This solution enables A & D suppliers to operate more efficiently and comply with the stringent traceability requirements mandated by the industry. Adhering to such industry constraints makes the Lean Journey harder to map for any manufacturing solution. It also, on occasion, may force a company into non-value added activities and transactions, or even worse, may prevent or hinder the Lean Journey all together. With the A & D Lean Solution, companies are able to meet the demands of the industry, maintain scalability as well as have an infrastructure for growth. This solution offers the use of electronic boards to see Kanban positions, automatic calculations to set Kanban levels, and a pull system that enables them to be responsive to market demand.

Like many companies in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Kreisler Industrial Corporation was in the market for a solution that would cut costs and support their Lean initiatives. Kreisler experienced significant growth as annual revenue increased from $12 million three years ago, to $29 million in 2008, and as expected, that kind of growth introduced many challenges. “We began a Lean Journey by first manually using Kanban cards and Heijunka boards, but eventually we hit a wall in our Lean implementation when we recognized our antiquated business systems were actually introducing waste. After an 18 month search for a new solution, we turned to eBECS, who are well known for their Lean thinking. The eBECS’ A & D Lean Solution for Dynamics AX matched how we operate and gave us the competitive advantage we sought,” says Paul Wilder, IT Manager for Kreisler Industrial Corporation. In an industry where every operation is tied to either value for the customer or regulatory requirements, there isn’t much room for waste. However, when it takes days to cycle manual triggers, waste is inevitable. Waste also arises in this industry as companies struggle to avoid incurring overhead expenses while they manage a varying schedule with long term commitments, or overcoming the challenges to keep inventory of expensive materials at a minimum. To sustain a competitive advantage, A & D suppliers need level loading to keep production smooth, they need to deliver as soon as possible, and maintain traceability, documentation, and adhere to regulatory requirements. With the eBECS’ Lean Solution, this is possible.

“In today’s economic climate, it’s easy to lose sight of opportunities that may arise during a downturn. But for companies who are willing to make smart investments during these downturns, they are able to effectively position themselves for growth in the upturns. If like Kreisler, your company is using an application software to assist and drive the Lean Journey; this Lean A & D Solution may be a fit for you. The majority of solutions for the A & D supply industry are complex and based on a push approach to manufacturing. - Our Lean solution for Dynamics AX is designed to offer the market a different way of meeting customer demand, yet at the same time providing the benefits that lean techniques offer. Waste reduction is as important to this industry as to any other,” says Andrew Rumney Solutions Director eBECS.

About eBECS: eBECS is dedicated to business improvement by the use of “Lean Thinking” throughout the extended supply chain. eBECS has expertise in the removal of waste from all aspects of the organization together with the specific solutions on defining value, establishing flow and running an enterprise based on pull techniques. The focus of eBECS has been to enhance the Dynamics AX and NAV products, enabling organizations to quickly take advantage of all that “Lean Thinking” has to offer. eBECS provides a technology and business partnership approach, which at its heart, removes the complexity and hype surrounding the Lean and e-business world.

For more information on this Lean solution and others, please visit www.ebecs.com.

Lori Ellington