Three New Specialty Camps Offered by Camp Sagemont for Summer 2009

Camp Sagemont adds three new specialty camps to its offerings in Summer 2009. They continue to feature their colossal 2-day color-war competition that keeps campers guessing and looking forward to good-natured rivalry.

Weston, FL, March 06, 2009 --( Camp Sagemont has developed three new specialty camps that will debut this summer.

Campers can consider Drama Camp, Science Camp and Art Camp all located at the Camp Sagemont site in Weston. These camps will be offered along with the traditional Camp Sagemont day camp, travel camp, sports camp and summer school that have been staples in West Broward for the last thirteen years.

Camp Sagemont Drama Camp places emphasis in bringing out the performer in each camper.

Interactive assignments will enhance skills in improvisation, movement, set design, theatrical make-up and more. Science camp will utilize wacky experiments to reinforce core knowledge in marine science, space science, life science, and chemistry. The new Art Camp will challenge artists to experiment with drawing, ceramics, clay sculpture, jewelry making and other mediums. These camps are open to children going into 3rd grade through 8th grade. Parents can also inquire about Sagemont now hosting the All American Basketball School at its Upper School Campus for spring break and summer weekly sessions.

As in past summers, Camp Sagemont will again stage its colossal 2-day themed color war.

Camp Director, Edwin Cruz explains, “Each camp session, we aim to provide our participants with an experience similar in feeling to sleep away camp. We believe this experience should include Color War, the ultimate camp-wide special event."

Color war takes the form of a field day where the entire camp is split into two teams. Each team is assigned a team color, for instance red or blue. The teams are given challenges that may include races, relays, obstacle courses, etc… where they compete to earn points. At the end of the 2-days, all the points are tallied and the team with the most points is announced as the winner.

Linda Glovsky, Assistant Camp Director, says, "Color War is the event that every camper looks forward to during the session. It is the most talked about activity because campers have no clue when it will occur and it is sprung on them as a surprise. A lot of secrecy surrounds the event so it gives it the quality of mystery and intrigue. When Color War is officially announced the roar of excitement can be heard clearly around the block."

Campers look forward to Color War because it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their competitive spirit. Camaraderie is built amongst the teams by having them wear their team colors, painting their faces and bodies, spray painting their hair, chanting cheers and finally watching the Camp Counselor competitions that will earn the final points for each team. Cruz says, "The excitement and energy that is generated during this event just reverberates throughout camp and it is a wonderful thing to witness and experience."

This is Camp Sagemont's thirteenth year in operation. The camp serves West Broward families with children from preschool to 8th grade. There are two four week sessions and a minicamp. Camp Sagemont also includes camp/summer school combinations. The facility offers a swimming pool and air-conditioned gymnasium all located on the beautiful Sagemont Lower School Campus in the center of Weston, Fl. For more information about Camp Sagemont, please call 954-384-5454 or see our website at

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Maria Ackermann