Global Water Announces a New Project in Guatemala Aimed at Eliminating Water Shortages

Global Water has just recently announced their launching of a new project aimed at eliminating Water Scarcity and Water Shortages in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala.

Oxnard, CA, March 10, 2009 --( Santa Apolonia is a municipality in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala. Known for their pottery and embroidered shirts called huipils, many of the people of this area live in extreme poverty with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. With no good source of water nearby, pupils in the rural schools were accustomed to walking great distances daily, simply to find water.

Halfway across the world, in a tiny nation also stricken with poverty, children living in a Romanian orphanage were faced with a similar problem. There was no safe water source available for them to use.

Enter Global Water, an international non-profit, non-sectarian, and all-volunteer humanitarian organization whose mission is to bring water to the rural poor. Global Water adheres to a simple philosophy: that the lack of access to safe drinking water is the primary cause of hunger, disease and poverty in the world today. While this premise may be a simple one, the actions that Global Water volunteers and their network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the developing world take in furtherance of this philosophy have a profound worldwide impact.

Every day on average, tens of thousands of men, women and children die from diseases directly related to drinking contaminated water. Beyond this, malnutrition kills many more people – malnutrition caused by food shortages which are always rooted in water shortages.

Recognizing these problems, Global Water is committed to the development of safe water supplies and related sanitation programs in rural areas of developing countries. The systems Global Water routinely builds – village-capacity water wells or spring catchment systems, disinfection treatment, gravity-flow distribution, and storage systems - do not require electricity, are simple to operate, and are made of materials designed to last for decades. As part of their model, Global Water works with NGOs who have the passion to make a difference in their own country. Global Water’s funding helps NGOs to build upon their expertise and hire staff to perform water projects. In this way, Global Water helps sustain a network of NGOs around the world. By working closely with local NGOs, Global Water is able complete the projects in even the most politically charged climates.

In Santa Apolonia, the school children smile as they stand at the new hand washing stations, and the women of the village can now perform their cooking and cleaning tasks with ease. These stations and the new latrines which Global Water built have brought dignity to the community. In Romania, Global Water worked with a local well driller to have a well drilled, and the orphanage now has a clean source of water.

Global Water’s successes abound, still, much remains to be done. Undaunted by the challenges, Global Water volunteers continue to help communities help themselves, by bringing them access to safe drinking water, and giving people the potential for a more productive life.

For further information on Global Water’s ongoing projects, please visit their website or contact Ted Kuepper, Executive Director, or by phone: 805.985.3057.

Global Water
Ted Kuepper