Making Rain Harvesting Beautiful

Delightful Watergardens uses rainwater harvesting and a water feature for the RainXchange system.

Pewaukee, WI, March 06, 2009 --( Delightful Watergardens is proud to be the first in SE Wisconsin to have installed the revolutionary RainXchange™ System for capturing, filtering, and re-using rainwater. They destroyed their original pond and replaced it with a larger watergarden incorporating the RainXchange™ System.

The RainXchange™ System combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvest storage system. You have probably seen pictures with big barrels or even a big cistern that is connected to a rain gutter on a home to collect rain water. These traditional rainwater harvesting systems do not add beauty or value to your home or commercial site. The RainXchange system does both by storing the water underground to maintain the integrity and beauty of your home and landscape. “Creating Waterfalls and ponds are my passion and I am so excited to make them even more Eco-friendly than before!” said Krista Hull, owner of Delightful Watergardens.

Being “green” by reusing rainwater makes sense. You can reduce water bills which include storm sewer charges, alleviate demand on municipal systems, and avoid any strict watering schedules. If you use rainwater which is extremely rich in nutrients to irrigate your landscape; you will reduce fertilizer use and no chemicals are added to rainwater.

When used in conjunction with Aquascape’s AquaBlox® Matrix®, the RainXchange™ System can earn up to 12 LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit points, making it an ideal residential and commercial application for managing storm water in green building projects.

Delightful Watergardens will be speaking about Rainwater Harvesting at the Realtors Home & Garden Show at the State Fair on Saturday March 20 as well as displaying a garden with the RainXchange system. As Kim Pierce of Milwaukee said “Krista knows ponds! She has an excellent work ethic and takes extreme pride in the job that she does to ensure complete & fair customer satisfaction. I highly recommend her & her company to anyone who is looking for a backyard water paradise.”

For more information on the new RainXchange™ System, log onto For information on Delightful Watergardens, visit or call 262-695-9644.

Delightful Watergardens was started in 2003 and is owned by Krista and Jason Hull of Pewaukee. They design, build and maintain ponds, fountains, Pondless waterfalls, wetland construction and rainwater harvesting. They are among the few Certified Aquascape Contractors and members of the Metropolitan Builders Association.

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