Cinnamon Swirl Online Media Launches New Web Novel

Elk Grove, CA, March 06, 2009 --( Adventures in Anger Management is a brand new web novel created by Cinnamon Swirl Online Media. This exciting story follows the personal and professional ups and downs of a fictional character named Ava Barrett. Ava’s primary mission in life is to resolve her issues with anger management. Unfortunately that task is made more difficult because her new job working for the mysterious socialite Lorelei Mayfield constantly tests her ability to keep her cool under pressure. Things really spin out of control when she accidentally discovers that underneath Mrs. Mayfield’s icy cold demeanor is a truly ruthless woman, who may be the mastermind of a dangerous scheme that spans from the wealthy conclaves of Washington D.C to a remote corner of the world. Ava ultimately finds herself in the middle of something that extends beyond her duties as a personal assistant and her only option is to find out if her boss is an eccentric social butterfly or a brazen con artist.

The Adventures in Anger Management literary series is a delightful mixture of mystery, light humor, and suspense. A new chapter in the series will be added to the website every week. As the story unfolds, readers will be able to share their thoughts and reflections in the comments section. Readers will also be able to participate in contests and win special prizes if they subscribe to web novel updates through FeedBurner.

Cinnamon Swirl Online Media
Charlotte Morris