The Newest Sliding Closure Skype Mouse, Launched by Favordeals Wholesale Ltd.

Favordeals Wholesale Ltd. launched the newest sliding closure skype mouse. It works well as a mouse and it works well as a Skype phone. It will give you great help while travelling.

Shenzhen, China, March 09, 2009 --( Skype, as one kind of chatting software, has become more and more popular among people. Recently, Favordeals Wholesale Ltd. launches a Skype mouse that can support Skype perfectly. What is Skype Mouse? It looks, works and feels like a smaller laptop mouse. It works perfectly as a mouse but this is not the only thing you get. It is a mouse with build-in MIC, speaker and independent sound chip to handle Soft phone VoIP Voice quality. Its “sliding closure” design makes it more stylish and popular for people. The phone has the LCD display with support for back light that will show you the names of the persons on your Skype list and their status. You can use and type the phone numbers as well and use it as a Skype out.

1.The Newest Sliding Cover USB VOIP Mouse
2.Support multiple VOIP platform
3.Build-in MIC and speaker perform fantastic timbre that can play music in computer
4.Handfree function
5.Independent sound chip to handle soft phone VOIP voice quality
6.Only one USB cable to handle both Mouse and Phone
7.LCD display with keypad
8.Dot matrix caller-ID
9.Volume control
10.800 DPI Optical sensor
11.Auto detection(or manual switch) between Mouse and phone
12.USB1.1 Interface pnp.No external power/sound card required
13. High quality for full duplex communication

It is very handy, stylish, practical and portable for notebook & pc. This is certainly a fun product. It works well as a mouse and it works well as a Skype phone, offering a decent-quality sound and a lot of options. It can really help you while travelling. It is a cute product, well designed that will make your life easier.

Favordeals Wholesale Ltd.
Kelin Wu