Harlem Hip-Hop Tours Launches Entrepreneurship Workbook and Teaching Series for Children Grades 3-8

New York, NY, March 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In keeping with President Barack Obama's emphasis on the importance of education and entrepreneurship in helping lift America out of its economic crisis; Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours) has developed an Entrepreneurship Workbook to teach children the basics of starting a business.

The 22-page Entrepreneurship Workbook teaches children how to develop a business idea and write a business plan in ten easy steps. Using simple, everyday examples, students learn the basics of customer demographics, marketing, distribution, and profit. The workbook concludes with students having written a full-fledged business plan that they can submit to the H3 Tours Business Plan Competition for a chance to win $100.

The Entrepreneurship Workbook was written by H3 Tours founder and Columbia MBA, Adrienne Smith, who is a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship and the need to have it assume a more prominent role in America’s education system.

“Entrepreneurship and ingenuity have always been defining factors in the success of America’s economy. I developed the H3 Tours Entrepreneurship Workbook and Teaching Series to teach children the concepts behind entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses,” says Ms. Smith.

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Workbook, H3 Tours offers two additional packages in its Teaching Series. The first involves a phone consultation with Ms. Smith to discuss the best methods for utilizing the Entrepreneurship Workbook in the classroom. The second package, available only to New York City schools and youth organizations, involves Ms. Smith traveling to a school to teach the Entrepreneurship Workbook firsthand.

For more information about the H3 Tours Entrepreneurship Workbook and Teaching Series click on the link below, send an email to info@h3tours.com, or call 212-769-9047.


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