Online Community Trades Internet Connection for Face-to-Face Interaction

Multi-Cultural Site Members Gather in LA to Meet in Person

San Francisco, CA, March 07, 2009 --( The community, a multi-cultural social network powered by WeAre.Us, will trade their usual online socializing for personal encounters on March 14, as they gather in the Los Angeles area for the WeAreHapa LA Meetup in Gardena.

“Technology, as great as it is, has allowed people to connect from everywhere and anywhere, but it also makes the connection less personal,” Athena, Community Manager, said. “Having events where members can meet face to face will make the community we have established that much more meaningful and lasting—spending time together, off the computer, face-to-face allows us to have that human connection that emails and IMs lack.”

Celebrating their multi-cultural heritage, the community has previously gathered in other metropolitan areas including New York City and San Francisco.

“Finding others just like you is something many members here cherish and people living in places that aren't racially diverse feel that bond the most,” Athena said. “The site allows Hapas from all over the world to finally feel accepted.”

The community will meet at Happa Restaurant in Gardena, California. Attendees must RSVP by March 6, 2009 by visiting

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