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Liz Mitten Ryan and Constance Funk to Guest Host Life Changing Radio Series on March 13.

Colorado Springs, CO, March 07, 2009 --( It is well known that horses can heal without words, often by revealing our shadow selves. They can add joy, love and peace to human lives, but also frustration and challenge; yet, they inspire human beings with their gifts as wise healers and teachers.

Animal Communicator Liz Mitten Ryan and Equine-guided Educator Constance Funk will share their spiritual awakenings through horses with Natural Horse Network’s Life Changing Radio Series listeners on March 13 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Hosted by Natural Horse Care expert DC, Natural Horse Network offers something for every equestrian discipline.

Both Mitten Ryan and Funk have heartfelt stories about healing and creating permanent life changes with horses. Funk’s book Beauty from Brokenness describes how her rocky relationship with a gift horse named Chasta ultimately connected her more fully to her life path. Mitten Ryan’s four award-winning books, co-authored by her animals, describe inter-species revelations and are capturing hearts all across the country.

Funk has been a lifelong lover of animals and nature and their connection with the human family. She has a passion for inviting children to her Woodylane Farm to learn about animal care and communication. Mitten Ryan has committed her life to understanding and helping animals. Today, she and her wise herd of horse healers offer sacred retreats on Gateway 2 Ranch to international visitors seeking a life-changing journey.

Meet Liz Mitten Ryan and Constance Funk on an unforgettable radio show March 13 at 5:00 p.m. Central. A book prize will be given away on every show for the listener who posts the best story of connection with their horse using the exercises assigned on each show. At the end of the series the grand prizewinner will receive a Mitten Ryan print of Unbridled.

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Liz Mitten Ryan - One with the Herd
Carol Upton