American Chestnut Sales Support NYS Envirothon

Meadowview is donating $1 from every American chestnut sold to the NYS Envirothon. An event that promotes environmental education in high school students. Meadowview's program is also in place to encourage people to plant American chestnut, which suffered blight in the early 1900's.

Naples, NY, March 08, 2009 --( Envirothon is an event that New York State has been participating in since 1990. The event started in Pennsylvania in 1979 as an Environ-Olympics, and eventually transformed into the Envirothon. The event has now grown into a national event where 44 states and 7 provinces compete in five environmental categories (soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, and wildlife) for scholarships. Envirothon strives to heighten students’ interests in the environment, to make them more aware of environmental issues throughout their lives.

Meadowview has dedicated itself to supporting the NYS Envirothon program by promising to donate $1.00 for every American chestnut seedling that is sold. “We recognize the importance of environmental education. Through programs such as NYS Envirothon our country’s youth gains the knowledge to maintain and improve our nation’s natural resources.” Commented Jeanie Sloat newly appointed CEO at Meadowview.

This program is also in place to promote the sale of American chestnuts, which suffered blight in 1904-1950. The species was virtually eliminated from forest lands by an Asiatic blight fungus imported in the late 1800s. The American chestnut foundation has made great strides in producing blight free trees through a process of backcross breeding with the blight free Chinese chestnut. The first blight free seedlings are now being planted on our national forest lands. Once “King of the forest” the American chestnut is typically now found only as a small stump sprout, rarely reaching 20 feet in height, according to the American chestnut foundation. Meadowview operations manager Stephen Doudt ensured, “Our seed comes from trees which have made it to seed baring age in the wild. But seed is scarce and we take great care in planting, growing, harvesting and shipping these seedlings.”

“This campaign brings awareness to both the importance of the survival of the American chestnut and the environmental education of our youth.” Noted Meadowview CFO Monette Goodridge. To purchase an American chestnut tree from Meadowview and support the NYS Envirothon visit

About Meadowview LLC: Meadowview LLC ( was established in 1983 in Byron, NY. Every year more than 1 million tree and shrub seedlings are planted by Meadowview customers through out the Northeast and North Central United States. Meadowview supplies bare-root seedlings and transplants for conservation practices including reforestation, wildlife habitat and stream bank stabilization projects. Promoting tree planting is at the heart of what we do. Starting as a one-woman business we are now a three-company family working hand in hand with a global community to make the world a greener place. Our website offers plant material for every use and our site is easy to purchase from. Meadowview is committed to seeing their customers completely satisfied and at ease about purchasing and planting their trees and shrubs.

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