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Server Virtualization Best Practices Illustrated in Evolving Solutions Data Center Leaders Interview Series

Insight revealed by Dan Kusnetzky, ZDNet blogger and founding partner of Kusnetzky group, ensures companies new to virtualization avoid mistakes commonly made when implementing any new IT solution

Hamel, MN, March 09, 2009 --(PR.com)-- www.evolvingsol.com -- Evolving Solutions, a leading server virtualization and storage consolidation solution provider, is offering critical insight to companies who have either just implemented or are planning to implement server virtualization. Absorbing this insight ensures companies are both aware of mistakes that could be made when employing server virtualization and how best to avoid them.

"Data Center Leaders: Server Virtualization Best Practices With Dan Kusnetzky” posts a recent discussion between Kusnetzky and Judie Van Keulen, Evolving Solutions’ head blogger. In the interview, Van Keulen seeks to paint server virtualization in an accurate light to companies who may tend to view it as an out-of-the-box cure-all for every IT related business woe.

“Server virtualization, deservedly so, is gaining mainstream awareness in the business community as a component of viable IT strategy, particularly as it relates to data center cost avoidance,” states Van Keulen. “With this awareness, however, come misconceptions about what server virtualization can or cannot provide. The purpose of my discussion with Kusnetzky was to ensure our readers have the most accurate view of this powerful IT solution.”

Kusnetzky is a founding partner with the Kusnetzky Group and posts on virtualization related topics regularly to ZDNet’s Virtually Speaking. Having been involved with information technology since the late 1970s, Kusnetzky has long been on the forefront of new IT solutions. In his former role as vice president for IDC’s System Software, Kusnetzky was responsible for research and analysis on the worldwide market for operating environments and virtualization software.

“Whoa, big fella (or lovely lady in the case of a female executive), what is your overall plan to deploy virtualization technology and how does that fit into your overall IT plan?” Kusnetzky offered as an opening remark aimed at those companies who have just implemented server virtualization.

In response, Van Keulen asked Kusnetzky to highlight the mistakes he has witnessed companies making after implementing server virtualization.
Kusnetzky answered in kind:

“I’m often surprised that executives who have grabbed onto virtual machine technology as a panacea don’t have a clear understanding of the following:

• What applications and application components are running on what physical and/or virtual machines?
• How do these components relate to both the network and storage infrastructure?
• Who is responsible for managing each component, of the underlying physical machines, for the underlying network, for the underlying storage?
• Does the organization’s license management and support policies have a way to deal with easily copied virtual machines that could, in the end, be updated at different rates?
• Have failure scenarios been explored and plans been created to address what happens if a physical machine, a disk or a network router fail?

One clear message to remember is something Alan Lakein once said, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’”

“The key insight offered by Kusnetzky is that server virtualization, as a solution, should fit into a company’s overall IT plan, rather than be the plan itself,” states Van Keulen. “While this insight was offered in regards to virtualization, it is insight that should be leveraged when implementing any new IT solution.”

Evolving Solutions' complete interview with Kusnetzky Group founding partner and ZDNet blogger, Dan Kusnetzky, may be found on Evolving Solutions' Evolving IT blog. http://www.evolvingsol.com/blog/2009/02/10/server-virtualization-best-practices/

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