Nation’s Largest Virtual Staffing Agency Cuts New Client Rates to Help Them Combat Poor Economy

Team Double-Click® Drops Rates by 15% to Help Its Clients Adjust to a Changing Economy and Ensure They Can Still Get On-Demand Administrative Assistance

Ouray, CO, March 11, 2009 --( With hundreds of thousands of layoffs in the United States since the beginning of the year alone, understandably, the economy has the nation’s, and the world’s, full attention. This economic storm has small and even big businesses searching for solutions to high overheads and out-of-control costs. Responsible companies are cutting costs to the bone.

“The caveat though,” explains Gayle Buske, President and CEO at Team Double-Click®, “with cutting staff dramatically, is that businesses still have many administrative needs. If a company cuts staff too far it can no longer grow.” Buske adds that, “a recession is the perfect time for many businesses to actually pick up market share and grow.” To facilitate growth during the recession, more and more businesses are looking to teleworking solutions as well as virtual staffing (utilizing virtual assistants contracted through a virtual staffing agency) in order to ensure administrative tasks still get done but at the most cost-effective price and highest level of efficiency.

Virtual assistants and virtual staffing are quickly becoming lifelines for businesses that are going beyond simply cutting costs to survive. Companies are hiring virtual assistants through virtual staffing agencies so they can grow during the recession. They are charging virtual assistants with marketing, internet marketing, telephone answering, social networking, cold calling, lead follow up, and other growth-oriented tasks.

To help small businesses fight back against recession, Team Double-Click®, for a limited time, is offering all new clients 15% off its standard rates. “We feel a need to do our part to help small businesses, the backbone of our country, bring this economy back online.” Buske commiserates. “The small business owners and the entrepreneurs of America are who will ultimately pick our economic train up out of the ditch and place it neatly back on the tracks. Without the help of discounts and rate cuts they can’t do it as quickly and right now we need fast action.” Buske adds.

The Team Double-Click® discount has been hailed as a “bold move” by onlookers. In fact, it has been ridiculed because talent availability and quality area at an all time high. Many feel that price cuts are foolish because the company offers high quality. “That’s okay; let them laugh. Our clients need help Now, and we’re going to help them,” says Buske. “Team Double-Click® is the only company in the nation that can deliver tens of thousands of virtual assistants to its clients. Virtual assistants with skills ranging from internet marketing to reception, and without the risk of hiring an unknown virtual assistant found lurking on the internet. It’s our responsibility as a company who serves small business to help them succeed.” She emphasizes.

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Established in 2000, Team Double-Click®, the nation’s original virtual staffing agency, has grown into the country’s largest virtual staffing firm. Team Double-Click® offers virtual assistant services that range from general administrative, reception, internet marketing, cold calling, sales and marketing, human resources, and finance, to real estate transaction coordination. The company takes care of the screening, managing, and payment of virtual assistants and carefully monitors the relationship between client and virtual assistant to ensure maximum value for businesses. Team Double-Click® combines unparalleled staffing expertise with a dedication to improve clients' and virtual assistants’ businesses and profits. Team Double-Click® is currently the only virtual staffing firm to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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