Becomes Associated with International Real Estate Portals & Exhibitions to Promote Indian Property Internationally

India’s leading real estate portal have crossed the national borders and made a thumping mark in the field of Indian real estate.

New Delhi, India, July 13, 2006 --( Finally boundaries are broken. India’s leading real estate portal recently have crossed the borders and made a thumping mark in the field of real estate online. They have proved their worth in the field of real estate by getting associated with International Real Estate portals and overseas property exhibitors. This shows their hard-work and consistency where customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority. came with the dawn of internet and this led to the boom in Online Real Estate promotion. Since then, the path has led to new horizons and now they are on a continuous growth and also expanding their web worldwide. aims at facilitating the best deals between service providers and prospective buyers and also covers a broad spectrum of services in the Real Estate business.

Currently, India is having an economic boom with the prices of property escalating over the past few years. And with the fastest-rising property prices in the world, is the place you got to be to have a slice of the action. Being India's leading Real Estate portal they have an exhaustive list of Residential and Commercial properties across India. Apart from that, they also provide an array of features on their website like Real Estate Directory, Email Alerts for new property, Real Estate Agent locator for every state, international property resources and complete range of information and useful resources relating to the enormous real estate industry in India. All one has to do is just name it and they have it. It is a one stop shop for all your real estate questions and queries as they have a solution to your every query. Online property promotion has seriously eliminated the borders as now you can locate and buy property anywhere in India and also worldwide. Providing transparent real estate platform is their USP and this is the reason why they have associates in every part of the world. But joining hands with Pakistan is the most lucrative step they have ever taken. Pakistan’s largest real estate portal offers real estate services to buyers, sellers and investors not only in Pakistan but all across the globe too. The portal also offers classified ads, real estate agents online directory and information about investing in real estate industry of Pakistan. And now they are joined by India’s biggest real estate online portal.

This step has literally erased all borders between the two countries and also made it easy for the people who want to settle in either of the country. It won’t be wrong to say that has judicially used the benefit and advantage of online property promotion. Apart from 100% customer satisfaction they have also clasped hands with esteemed and famous Real Estate portals across the globe. They are now being partnered and affiliated by the names which have pioneered in online real estate. With the association of other known portals they are providing you with significant additional capability, content, options, and many other features. They know the importance of associations to the success of a business that’s why they have developed partnerships to build a stronger bridge between the Global Real Estate Community. is where property advisors, developers, regional authorities, investors and corporate end-users from both nations can gather information about new building projects and initiate deals and partnerships. It is also the place where construction companies, investors, real-estate evaluation experts and potential buyers can gain contacts. It also gives you details on Movable and Immovable Property of Cities and Towns, Municipal Management and Activity, Acquisition and Sale of Individual Houses and other Real Estate and Investments. helps one familiarize themselves with city strategies, investment possibilities, real estate development, infrastructure development, trends of municipal economy, and novelties of technical equipment of buildings. It also showcases their quality products & services offering to the building, construction & contracting services industry. It also gives maximum exposure to prospective buyers the opportunity for direct negotiation and saves the customers the time and energy in choosing the best on the real estate market. is the only commercial real estate site in India that brings your business to you. This is the marketing arena where both Indian & Pakistani nationals as well as international players can meet, network, negotiate and make lucrative deals. There is no other real estate site that provides multi-disciplinary and stimulating environment for furthering and intensifying networking and business contacts between potential players both in India and Pakistan in the real estate industry. also showcases the latest trends in the international luxury real estate market, including luxury waterfront developments, villas, time-share properties and hotel apartments located in holiday resorts. In addition, it encompasses investment promotion such as bank finance, property funds and shared properties, and affiliated services provided by interior designers, architects and other property consultants.

Their elite association list carries names like, Real Estate Dubai,, Real Estate Investment World, Smart Expo and Ecube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. All of their affiliates have played an important role in the success. That’s why they always say “We don’t believe in clients but in associates.” has taken the Indian property to next level and has presented it in a style that is totally unique. Now it is very easy to buy property in India and all this has happened because of They have made sure that any visitor to their website is kept well informed of the best and most suitable investment properties across the globe. So, whether you're buying a holiday home or an overseas investment they have everything to flaunt. It’s very easy to get associated with them but only on one condition you need to be consistent and dedicated.

The online Real Estate market is increasing at a rapid pace and is matching steps with them. Now it is ensured that Indian property will be promoted internationally and this will attract more buyers and exhibitors from across the globe. is viewing a boom with no speculations and in time to come it will be one of the most happening sites for prospective investors both in India and Pakistan. To keep abreast with the latest on Indian Property Promotion, you could also subscribe to the free weekly email updates on major events related to it. So look no further and take advantage of this thriving market.

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