Candle Shop Celebrates 2nd Anniversary at New Location

Small town mom & pop business has had success even in these hard economic times. Quality products, great customer service, is still the best way to keep growing.

Edna, TX, March 12, 2009 --( In 2002 Linda started making candles as a hobby, she loved doing crafts, she set out to make a great candle that she could sell and give to her friends. Linda worked as a teacher's aid in the Edna School District. She started in her kitchen using the stove to melt wax and her kitchen table as a workbench. In just a few months she had completely taken over the kitchen with candles, she couldn't get to the stove to cook or the table to eat.

By the end of 2002 she closed in her double car garage to use as a workshop, her business was growing, she had a couple of retail shops selling her candles and several fundraisers for church groups behind her. Word had spread on just how good her candles are. Linda was working for the school all day and staying up half the night making candles. By the end of 2002 she was making more money from her candle sales than from her school job, that's when she start her candle business full time.

Next month will mark her second full year at her new location, and with 7 years of experience, word keeps spreading about how good Linda's Candles are and business keeps growing. Linda contributes her success to her belief that if you give each customer a quality product at a fair price and back that up with a guarantee, you will have repeat business. It works. To see her great products and learn more about Linda just visit her website:

Linda hopes that her story will be an inspiration to others, if she can start a business you can too, and just because every one says how bad the economy is does not mean that people don't still buy the things they want. If you have a good product it will sell. She encourages everyone to take the chance, you never know until you try.

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