Rockland Businesses Bank on Hyper-local Promotion

Rockland County businesses are banking that advertising dollars spent close to home will help see them through the nation’s economic hard times.

New City, NY, March 12, 2009 --( Layoffs and cutbacks are rippling through the mainstream, broad-circulation newspapers, yet local advertising is propelling hyper-local niche publications such as Rockland County’s Best Magazine, The Hook and Clipper Magazine.

The latest issue of the quarterly Rockland County’s Best, an “advertorial” publication that features positive editorial stories promoting paid advertisers, features eight businesses from South Main Street in New City alone. It almost represents an informal South Main Street merchants association. The glossy magazine is sent by direct mail to every home in New City, N.Y., and distributed at more than 100 locations.

The Hook offers traditional editorial content, Clipper solicits readers with coupons, and Rockland County’s Best offers “advertorial” content, a growing trending across the publishing industry. It runs traditional, magazine style positive features promoting its advertisers and offers bargain rates and coupons. Clipper and Rockland County's Best both target geographic zone.

Frank Deufemia Sr., owner of Van Tassel Cleaners, one of the South Main merchants in New City, said he decided to advertise in Rockland County's Best after receiving an earlier edition at his Piermont home.

“It really caught my eye,” Deufemia said. “The rates are very reasonable. It’s very professional. The writing is superb."

“I started the magazine because I felt there was a need for a publication that offered locally owned businesses an affordable way to advertise,” said Taylor Dye, owner of BLM Publishing, the parent company of Rockland County‘s Best Magazine and Bergen's Best Magazine.

“I also wanted to give business owners a venue that allows them to deliver a strong message in a way that a typical display ad can't. A story about a local business has the ability to engage each reader a deliver a promotional message that is memorable.”


Mike Termine owns The Pig Pen Bar & BBQ, a new establishment on South Main in New City. He advertised in Rockland County’s Best and said: “We’ve been getting a pretty good response. We’re excited about the future.”

Statistics bear out the benefits of advertising during a recession.

Studies by McGraw-Hill overwhelmingly show that businesses that maintained or increased advertising spending during recessions fared far better in the long run than businesses that cut back.

“This is not the time to cut advertising,” Harvard Business School professor John Quelch said. “It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.”

Rockland County’s homegrown businesses are banking on it.
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