Sahara Breeze Boots by Capelta Cause a Stir at a Pre-Oscar Event

Capelta kicked off the year’s Oscar season with a bang hosting a sneak-peak to the upcoming 2009 Capelta line. The hottest boots were the Sahara Breeze, which have recently been seen on Melanie Griffith, Grammy winner Tia Carrere, and Rumer Willis.

Los Angeles, CA, March 13, 2009 --( Capelta kicked off the year’s Oscar season with a bang Tuesday, hosting a showcase for the plethora of celebrities invited to the Pre-Oscar Valentine Event at La Boheme in Beverly Hills.

Invitees got a sneak-peak to the upcoming 2009 Capelta line, and the hottest boots appeared to be the black Sahara Breeze, one of the original Capelta boots which influenced the recent phenomenon of tassels dangling from boots.

“These are adorable,” remarked actress Melanie Griffith.

Most of the celebrities in attendance had rather resounding responses when they first set sight on the Sahara Breeze.

“Capelta Boots are freaking awesome!” exclaimed Tia Carrere, who had won a Grammy two days prior. “These are rock and roll,” Carrere later said when questioned about her boots during a separate interview.

The tan Sahara Breeze also proved to be popular, as Menyone DeVeaux tried them on at the event and was seen wearing them on the red carpet later that night when she received the NAACP Image Award.

Rumer Willis also fell in love with the tan Sahara Breeze as she was seen leaving the event telling an event organizer “these are so cool!”

The overwhelming response to the Sahara Breeze was not a surprise to the line’s designer, Monique Capelta, who became acclimated to it when she received constant praise from the moment she created the original prototype for the boot, three years ago.

“With these boots especially, I was approached more times in one day than I was hit on by guys in one month, and that was as a model,” Capelta joked. “I’m just happy to now have the opportunity to share my art beyond just myself.”

Michael Jahina