New Pages of Free Web Comic "Panthea Obscura" Begin This Saturday

Mike Luoma's "Panthea Obscura: Deifornication" Four Issue Comic Book Miniseries Begins Posting Free Pages of Final Issue.

Burlington, VT, March 13, 2009 --( Mike Luoma announces the return of new pages of his Free web comic "Panthea Obscura" to Drunk Duck, the web comics hosting site, beginning this Saturday, March 14th at

"This is it!" Luoma said. "The final issue of the miniseries! The "gods" of old are back and at war with one another, with the human race caught in between!"

As the issue begins, a group of gods head to Hades, the realm of their brother Troy, The Destroyer, to try to stop him from possessing human beings and wreaking havoc in the world. As Father Lightning said at the end of issue three, "It's time to take this to him!" Readers can catch up with the first three issues at Drunk Duck as well, at

Art is by renowned Argentine artist Juan Carlos Quattordio, letters by Pablo Lizalde. Print copies of "Panthea Obscura: Deifornication" Issue Four of Four will be available through, digital copies through "But right now? is the only place you can see the early pages of 'Panthea Obscura' four!" Luoma said.

New pages will start appearing this Saturday, March 14th, and will then be released every Wednesday and Saturday through the end of May at More information on all of Luoma's books is available at

Panthea Obscura is Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009 by Michael Luoma.

Michael Luoma