Localization – A Smart Step Towards Successful Online Marketing

Nicosa, Cyprus, July 13, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Audio4fun.com has officially launched the Partner Seeking Program for German and French local sites.

These sites aim at buyers in Germany, France and other countries speaking the same languages. This is one of the crucial steps that Audio4fun.com wants to carry out in 2006. Ms. Helen Le, Sales – Marketing Manager explains this as “the first big step to get into the European market,” a place considered as “extremely conservative, especially to the software producer.”

Audio4fun.com – a popular name in audio and video software – sparked this localization process in late 2005, and the first two targeted markets were Japan and Italy – the lands where few giants have full commitment to please the fussy customers. This is part of the company’s strategy to expand its business in Asia and Europe.

Localization is not a new concept, but no one can deny that this process brings out great benefits to both of its partners.

A new market is never as easy as ABC. Differences in language, laws, consumer habits, shopping attitudes, business traditions and customs, etc. all may discourage even big companies. No matter how careful your market research is, you can not avoid these discrepancies. However, things will become smoother with local partners because they can help overcome all cultural and geographical obstacles. Once you have a thorough understanding of the region, the only remaining problem is time.

As for local partners, this partnership enables them to approach new technologies, which are often superior to domestic ones. If Audio4fun.com had taken risks by bringing old or outdated software to Japan, it would certainly have failed. In fact, it did not. Besides technical benefits, local partners can also make profit on the cooperation. This amount of money may come in the form of commission or bonus. Taking the affiliate program of Audio4fun.com as an example, we see that each affiliate in the monthly Top 50 best selling can receive an extra amount of bonus. Obviously, the local partner does not get any loss through this kind of business.

In short, localization is mutually beneficial to both partners. The better relation you have with the local partner, the better result you can achieve at the new market. Only with this localizing step, a company can widespread its influence, as Ms Helen Le kept insisting, “We know that localization on global extent is the only way that Audio4fun.com can bring fun to the multimedia world. And of course, we can’t do it all alone, we need you, our local partners.”

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