Capricorn's Currency Fund Product Available as a USD-Based Fund

Established as a CHF denominated offshore fund, the Capricorn currency fund (ISIN KYG5204Q1165; ISIN KYG5204Q2312) product is now investible in several share classes and as a US onshore fund.

Zurich, Switzerland, March 14, 2009 --( In April 2008 Capricorn launched its offshore FX fund trading currencies, which returned over 20% in nine months. The strategy is categorized as being Long Term, Fundamental that seeks alpha opportunities by exploiting exchange rate differentials combined with directional trading views.

"As interest rates began to converge, it became a challenge to generate positive returns by focusing primarily on the yield. Therefore, we developed the strategy to include directional views on the 'carry' currencies." This increased the alpha seeking opportunities explained Klaus Oesterballe the recently appointed Capricorn Global Head of Sales. The currency fund USD Fund will be seeded with $500,000 and launched in March 2009. Strategy assets will be just below US$12m, however with the imminent launch of the US Onshore Fund passing US$25m by year end is a realistic target.

Capricorn is an established currency manager with a global client base that includes; Banks, Asset Allocators, Institutions, Investment Funds and High Net Worth Individuals. As of today, the company has more than 50 years of experience within the investment advisory arena, currently advising over US$200 million in client assets. Since 1999 Capricorn has produced superior risk adjusted returns in its 'pure alpha' strategies managing an additional US$75 million, trading high liquid currencies as managed accounts and offshore funds for Individual and Institutional clients. For further information please access our website at:

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