AV-BASE Systems Boasts WinAir Web Reliability Module is Key in Safety Management Systems (SMS)

London, Canada, March 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- AV-BASE Systems, a leader in Aviation Management Software has been developing and supporting structurally integrated, cost-efficient maintenance and inventory control systems for over twenty years. AV-BASE Systems is pleased to announce the release of the WinAir Web Reliability Module. This module provides functionality which is key to the enhancement of flight operations and optimization of maintenance costs.

Nearly 600,000 times a year a plane takes off or lands throughout the world. Behind the scenes there are millions of people involved in manufacturing, maintenance and monitoring of the products and services required in the infinite cycle of flights. The WinAir Web Reliability Module works seamlessly with the WinAir core product to provide continuous monitoring, recording and analysis of the condition and functioning of all aircraft, components and systems.

The WinAir Web Reliability module encompasses an open architecture with increased capabilities thus providing many benefits to operators and manufacturers worldwide. It is a browser-based system that allows users access to their data set from any computer in any given location. This module was developed in conjunction with a detailed review of several key documents pertaining to government regulations such as but not limited to: FAA Advisory Circular – Air Carrier Maintenance Programs, FAA Advisory Circular – Maintenance Control by Reliability Methods, Bombardier FRACAS Report, Electronic Data Standard Exchange (EDSE) Conference Material, Civil Aviation Advisory Publication - Reliability Programs and NASA Reliability Centered Maintenance Guide, etc.

Historically, managing safety in the aviation industry has been a reactive process. The regulation and implementation of SMS have given airlines the tools and techniques useful in migrating towards a more proactive safety management stance while managing industry regulatory compliance. AV-BASE customers are using the WinAir Web Reliability Module in order to maintain the SMS regulations and continue to improve safety and airworthiness across their operations.

Key Features of WinAir Web Reliability Module:

* Improved dispatch reliability: pinpoints problematic areas and improves reliability
* Regulatory reporting: reports on aircraft performance and component reliability
* Maintenance program: escalation verifies requests for changing aircraft maintenance program schedules
* Consequences analysis: tracks and links consequence to the root cause minimizing negative effect
* Knowledge retention: collects and documents technical knowledge, creates problem / solution database
* Proactive approach to maintenance: monitoring maintenance program efficiency, analyzes trends, takes action before problem occurs
* Maintenance statistics: provides advanced reporting capabilities providing numeric and graphical data available in HTML, Excel or PDF formats


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