eGOware Offers Section 508 Compliance Assistance Through Convergence In Communications

eGOware (R) Inc. is providing solutions to the Section 508 communication compliance puzzle by converging multiple delivery methods into one, easy to use solution.

Dayton, OH, May 16, 2005 --( In the world of communications, all devices play a major role, but individually are only one piece of the Section 508 compliance problem. Today, in every agency and vendor, employees are sending emails, making phone calls, sending text messages, and faxing. These methods are utilized by almost every company or government agency, but no single one can enable Section 508 compliance. It takes a suite of devices and processes to bring an agency or vendor to compliance standards. Problem is, no one process or device can do the job, and no one administrator has the time or resources to manage the many devices and processes needed to ensure compliance. The costs factor alone is staggering. Until, eGOware Convergence Communications!

According the Ralph Conley, President of eGOware ® Inc, “The key to the communication puzzle is helping people become more efficient and effective with their communications by making it easier to communicate, deliver messages or share important information, through multiple devices, while at the same time using a single process. We are helping people achieve Section 508 Compliance through our Convergence Communications.”

eGOware provides easy to use communication services enabling its customers to stay connected no matter where they are, what communication device they have and at any time.

With the click of a button you’re able to proactively deliver time-sensitive information to any individual or to an entire organization with validation they have received and listened to or viewed the message. Your text message is automatically converted to voice which is then instantly forwarded, along with any information, document or file and sent directly to computer desktops, office phones, cell phones, PDA’s, fax machines, answering machines, voice mail and email addresses. You now know when they received the information and when they actually consumed the information.

By implementing eGOware’s services, users are equipped with secure, encrypted communications over a private network, utilizing the Internet and existing Intranets in a HIPAA complaint manner. The same information sent through the private network can also be delivered to nearly any communication device with just one click of a button.

Try it for yourself. Visit and take our test drive. For more information on how eGOware’s Convergence Communications can enhance your communications, contact Larry E. Shearer at (800) 472-07488 or email

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