Wellness Company Eases Need for Prevention

Wellco Corporation is helping even more employees maintain their health in a shaky economy, through its recent partnership with Media Genesis.

Royal Oak, MI, March 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In severe economic times, people typically defer medical care and put off outpatient prevention. The current recession is no exception. Medical care costs are a concern for many businesses, as well, as health care spending continues to rise.

Wellco Corporation, a leading state-wide corporate wellness company, is working to make employer-based preventive healthcare programs easy to use and highly effective. As Scott Foster, president of Wellco, pointed out, employees will not avail themselves of health programs or benefits until they are very convenient and prioritize science over flash and sizzle.

“Interest and engagement in our programs has always been high, but the fact that we have achieved nearly 100% participation on multiple recent programs demonstrates a tremendous need for effective prevention programs as a solution to rising health risks and costs,” Foster said.

Wellco recently partnered with Media Genesis, one of the largest web development companies in Michigan, by bringing their HealthHammer employee health risk and cost appraisal system onsite. The program was free to all Media Genesis employees and their spouses. HealthHammer integrates medical measurements, health risk appraisal, and avoidable costs into one powerful tool that offers instant, on-site results—without any delay for lab processing or reports to be mailed. The system targets dangerous and costly health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Nearly all of Media Genesis employees participated in the program. “This is the most valuable benefit we have ever provided to our staff,” said Brad Frederick, founder and CEO of Media Genesis.

“Not only does productivity rise and stress levels decrease when employees are healthy, but we feel we have a responsibility to our employees to make their health a priority and make resources more available to them.”

Wellco is continuing to work with Media Genesis by optimizing cost-saving preventive care within their benefit plan, and providing actionable strategies for ROI.

Wellco Corporation is one of the premier corporate health and wellness firms in Michigan, specializing in health risk and cost improvement systems, coaching and seminars. For more information, please visit www.wellcocorp.com.

Media Genesis offers web development, e-learning courses, Flash animation and video capture. For more information, please visit www.mediaG.com.


For a high-resolution photo of Scott Foster, Wellco President with Brad Frederick, Media Genesis Founder and CEO, visit this link: http://www.wellcocorp.com/news.html
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