MoneyTree Fast Track Workshops to be Held in Kuching, Sarawak

For the benefit of the parents and youths living in East Malaysia, MoneyTree, with its unique Financial Literacy program for youths, has decided to bring the program into Kuching, Sarawak.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, March 15, 2009 --( MoneyTree will be conducting two Fast Track Workshops in Kuching during the coming school holidays. The Junior Level 2-day workshop (for ages 9-13) will be held on March 16-17 and the Apprentice Level workshop (for ages 14-18) on March 18-19.

The MoneyTree Fast Track workshops are unique programs designed to create financial savvy-ness in today’s young generation so as to prepare them for the financial challenges they will meet in the future.

In the Junior levels, the students will learn, among other things, the principles of Personal Financial Management, the Principles behind Wealth Creation, the Common Investment Instruments and the Banking System. In the Apprentice Levels, the students will learn the hazards of Credit Cards, the Volatility of the Stock Market, the importance of planning for their future, inflation and its effects, and a whole range of other topics related to financial matters.

At all the MoneyTree workshops, learning is done in an extremely fun and exciting way because research has shown that kids learn faster and remember for a longer period of time when they are having fun. According to one of the MoneyTree professional trainer, UV Wong, “The key to the MoneyTree program is its effective learning model and various interactive scenarios whereby kids are given credit cards, cash and investment certifications. On top of that, the kids are also put through a ‘mini economy” in which earning, spending, saving and investing are part of the syllabus of the program.”

Children in MoneyTree workshops are paid MoneyTree currency when they answer questions in class. This is one of the most interesting and essential part of the program. Wong explains further, “In a normal classroom in school, kids would normally shy away when a question is asked by the teacher. It is the exact opposite in MoneyTree classes. When a question is asked, our kids rush to answer the questions, knowing that even if they answer incorrectly, they will still be able to earn money. This inculcates the habit of constantly trying and challenging themselves to do things they’re not comfortable with. Besides that, the kids in our classes are also given jobs and are paid salaries for the jobs performed. If they perform their jobs well, they will be promoted, but if they do not perform their jobs well, they would be fired, and this simply means, no salaries for that particular week. This drills a sense of responsibility into the child when performing a job. How they spend, invest, or save their money earned from their salaries is entirely up to them. Of course, as they progress through the lessons, they would be guided on how to spend, invest and why they should inculcate the habit of saving. Besides that, the kids in our classes also pay taxes. We designed the program to be as close to reality as possible so as to allow kids to know what it is like to be living in the real world.”

The MoneyTree workshops are designed to be very experiential in nature where the kids learn through their own experiences of making good or bad investment decisions, or practice good or bad spending habits. Wong further adds that “If the kids continue to practice and inculcate the money habits they learned from the program all through to their adult life, the possibility of them achieving financial freedom in the future would be so much higher compared to that of their peers who were not exposed to these lessons.”

MoneyTree focuses on giving kids a wholesome, all-rounded picture of the importance of Money. Besides teaching kids how to save, earn, spend and invest their money, MoneyTree also teach kids about Philanthropy. While money is not everything, everything around us has to do with money. Without money, one’s ability to contribute to the community is limited (i.e. philanthropy). Wong explains, “We teach kids that Money is merely a tool to help us get things done. We also teach kids not to obtain money for the sake of obtaining it, but to also see how they can put their money to useful purposes like helping other people and contributing to the community.”

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About the MoneyTree™ Programme:

The MoneyTree™ Programme is a unique programme designed to educate and create financial savvy-ness in today’s young generation so as to prepare them for the financial challenges they will meet in their future.

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