Designing Woman: Woman-Owned Business SnS Design Using Creative Solutions to Succeed in Today's Business Climate

New York, NY, March 18, 2009 --( During this month of March, Women’s History Month, we applaud businesswomen who, despite the current economic climate, are using creativity and know-how to weather the financial storm. Nisha Sawhney, founder of SnS Design, a woman-owned business and award-winning industrial design firm, acknowledges that times are tough, but also that more than ever, creative and innovative solutions are needed to stay competitive in the marketplace, especially when it comes to consumer goods design. With a successful track record of creating designs for brands that include Haier America, LG, and Amcor, Nisha is able to share some lessons learned.

“In the past, I might have said that design is simply the most important tool in your arsenal,” explains Ms. Sawhney, “but in today’s world of consumer design, the woman’s perspective can be just as important as the design itself. Savvy marketers understand that their primary purchasing demographic for certain products is women, and they want to utilize a woman’s point of view to help make a meaningful connection with their target audience.”

One of SnS Design’s recent award-winning designs illustrates this concept very nicely. When tackling the task of how to make an air purifier that was functional, yet attractive enough for display in a child’s room, Nisha and her design team came up with two creative solutions, a frog and hippo, both with a playful look. Incorporated into each design were all the necessary elements (air outlet, filter, purifier controls, etc.), resulting in a small consumer product with a toy-like appearance rather than the typical “appliance” look. Ms. Sawhney explained, "You know you have a great product on your hands when its appeal transcends generations. We knew we had succeeded when children under five as well as their grandparents were fascinated by the frog and hippo designs." These designs and others may be viewed at

SnS Design plans to continue to share business tips and advice during Spring 2009, with plans to launch a learning demonstration series via a series of webinars. More information about the upcoming series will be made available online at

About SnS Design:
SnS Design ( is a woman-owned industrial design consultancy located in New York City. The firm offers a wide array of services from product design, packaging, graphics, and merchandising, to exhibitions. SnS Design is a NYC certified W/MBE (Woman/Minority Owned Business Enterprise).


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