Susan G. Komen San Francisco Partners with Grass-Roots Community Event Bake for Hope

The Bake for Hope project is hosting the first ever coordinated nation-wide bake-a-thon. Bake sales will run in cities across the country for one week in support of the cure for breast cancer. The event happens May 3rd – 9th, one week Mother's Day to honor mothers and women everywhere. 100% of the bake sale proceeds will go to local Susan G. Komen for the Cure affiliates. Volunteers can sign up as bakers and organizers and businesses can host sales at their locations, and anyone can attend.

San Francisco, CA, March 14, 2009 --( Susan G. Komen San Diego and now San Francisco have both partnered with the once small project, Bake for Hope. This grass roots project spans nationwide hosting coordinated bakes sales across the country and plans to donate 100& % of the bake sale proceeds. The creator, Lisa Pederson, a San Diego mom says “There is a powerful and positive movement happening and I wanted to give people a way to get back to a sense of community and togetherness. Giving back through something simple like bake sales, gives everyone a way to participate in the midst of this economical struggle. “

The event is run by 100% volunteers and several major cities have already signed up dozens of bakers and organizers including Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Charlotte, Portland, Tampa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Diego. Additional cities are being added each week.

Pederson chose to donate !00 % of the bake sale proceeds to the local Susan G. Komen for the Cure affiliates like San Francisco, to keep the money raised locally, local. The Komen affiliates use 75% of every dollar for underinsured local women with breast cancer treatments, exams and education. Pederson says “this aligns with our spirit of community and supporting one another and the Komen affiliates dedication to their local women is unparalleled.”
The remaining 25% is donated to research for the cure of breast cancer.

Pederson is now working on gaining support to market the project so that more people can participate. “We have created a sponsors packet that gives all types of businesses easy ways to participate.” Sponsors can support by donating dollars but also advertising, locations for bake sales, and bakeries and restaurants can donate a percentage of sale proceeds during the event.

Pederson plans to run the Bake For Hope project annually and says “the enthusiasm by volunteers has been incredible. The support is what drives me and the project and as it grows this will easily run year after year and expand itself continually. We are already talking about product lines with aprons and oven mitts, cookbooks and who knows what else, and all for the purpose of giving. I love that.”

About Bake for Hope
Bake for Hope is a project created a Minnesota born and now San Diego based mother Lisa Pederson. Pederson, who is known for connecting people for worthy causes, liked the idea of bake sales because of its availability: everyone from children to seniors can participate. She says “Bake sales create a sense of warmth, togetherness, and community and in this economy it provides an affordable way for everyone to contribute to something good.” See Pederson’s bio the Bake for website. Bake for Hope is partnered with Cultural Media Services to operate as a 501c3 non-profit.

To find out more about Bake for Hope, visit the website, or contact Lisa Pederson at

Bake For Hope
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