Hawaiian Jewelry And Gift.com Announces Online Coupon Campaign to Commemorate Hawaii Statehood

The World’s Hawaiian Jewelry And Gift Superstore Honors 50th Year Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood with Online Coupon Code HJG1959 Valid For 10% Off All Purchases Made Through March 31st.

Kauai, HI, March 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Hawaiian Jewelry And Gift.com, the World’s Hawaiian Jewelry & Gift Superstore, has initiated its first worldwide coupon campaign, to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of Hawaii being granted statehood into the United States. The company, based on the Garden Island of Kauai, is giving a 10% discount on all purchases at the company’s website through March 31st using the online coupon code HJG1959.

The online coupon can be applied to all orders, and is effective beginning March 12th, 2009, exactly 50 years to the day the United States House of Representatives formally passed a bill granting statehood to the chain of 135 islands collectively known as Hawaii. Hawaii had been annexed by the United States in the year 1898, and became a territory 2 years later. However, these islands of paradise weren’t recognized as an official state within the United States, until nearly 60 years later when the bill passed through the U.S. Senate and then was signed into law on August 21, 1959, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

According to David Silverman, one of the founders of Hawaiian Jewelry And Gift.com, the online coupon code promotion is important, because it marks a significant milestone in United States history, that ultimately had a profound impact on the vacation options of travelers worldwide. “Millions of people each year visit our tropical paradise known as Hawaii, but without our beautiful islands being part of the United States, it is likely that many people would not have the privilege of experiencing Hawaii’s stunning natural beauty and the aloha spirit of its residents, with the safety and freedom of visiting the U.S.”

Hawaii is unanimously chosen as one of the most popular vacation destinations worldwide each year, but has experienced a significant downturn in tourism as a result of a changing world economy. Mr. Silverman adds, “It is our sincere hope that valuable promotions such as our online coupon campaign will also serve to help boost interest in tourism and awareness of the Hawaiian Islands since Hawaii is experiencing a downturn in tourism, as many tropical locations are during this time.

Hawaiian Jewelry And Gift.com sells nearly 700 unique gifts of aloha that represent the culture, symbolism and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s current online inventory includes freshwater pearl jewelry, tikis, mother of pearl jewelry, dolphin decor, sea turtle jewelry and decor, coral jewelry, surfboard decor, wood art and over 60 different categories of Hawaiian theme products to suit the shopping tastes of Hawaii vacation goers and tropical enthusiasts around the world. The company’s website is also an information resource for interesting facts, information and photos about Hawaii. To view the company’s online selection of products, including pricing and interesting product information, visit www.HawaiianJewelryAndGift.com. To take advantage of the 10% discount coupon on all orders, enter the coupon promotion code HJG1959 at checkout.

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