Cassbeth Paper on Automated Specification Analysis Accepted to INCOSE Spring 2009 Conference

Cherry Hill, NJ, March 16, 2009 --( Cassbeth paper on Automated Specification Analysis accepted to INCOSE Spring 2009 Conference. The paper is based on the Specification Analysis Tool (SAT) Software that helps users write and analyze specification text. It provides a brief history of the problem and describes SAT operations.

The conference theme for the INCOSE Spring 09 Conference is Systems Engineering – Affordable Success. It focuses on the means and tools to lead and create organizations that develop affordable systems. The conference will include papers in all areas of systems engineering leadership, green solutions, complexity, cost, schedule, and performance.

In the free version of SAT the user is presented with a small book image and link to buy a book without disrupting normal tool operations. It is just in the peripheral field of view. The users are still able to purchase the software and can use a different key to suppress the small image and link of the book. The book Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering is available from Amazon and other destinations.

The book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" makes some bold claims and proposes a rather simple solution to tackle our problems in the next 100 years. Its premise is that Our Science, Innovation, Technology, and Engineering are breaking down just when we need it to ramp up. It goes on to state that sustainable development has always been part of human development and that it was these elements and how effectively they worked which allowed for our life on earth.

The author has stated "In my book I talk about how innovation and creativity are shutting down in our major institutions. People no longer try things even if they know it will help them and their peers. I hope people will take the time to download this software and seriously consider both the software and the book in their future work."

About CassBeth:
Cassbeth is a technology company offering software and system engineering products originating from its Internet E-Commerce experiments that started in 1997 and over 30 years experience in Aerospace and Education. It is also the publisher of "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering".

About The Author:
Walt has held various government, defense, and commercial high technology positions in the past 30 years. He has published and presented at several technical conferences. Starting from New Jersey, going to California, then Florida, and returning back to New Jersey Walt has a very broad and deep understanding of the state of engineering and technology in the United States. He has taken this experience and digested it into his new book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" in hopes of providing an effective road map for people engaged in building everything in the next 100 years.

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded to advance the art and practice of systems engineering by helping individuals and enterprises turn complexity into competitive advantage. The Councils mission is to foster the definition, understanding, and practice of world class systems engineering in industry, academia, and government.

Software and Book Information:

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ISBN: 978-0-6152-1630-0 (paperback) (kindle)

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Claudia Joy