Association of Commerical Real Estate Professionals Honors Thomas Tsilionis (Tom Tsilionis) as Their 2009 Platinum Member

Thomas Tsilionis (Tom Tsilionis) has received top honors from the Association of Commercial Real Estate Professionals (ACREPRO) and was named Platinum Member for 2009. The Platinum Award was issued by ACREPRO chairman Robert Gill in front of 100 members. At the end of the event everyone received a free copy of 'The Foreclosure Survival Answer Book'.

New York, NY, March 17, 2009 --( The Association honors one individual every year from a list of 85,000+ registered Real Estate Investors. Thomas Tsilionis (Tom Tsilionis) was selected in 2009 because of his contribution and hard work in providing free assistance to homeowners in Foreclosure. In 2008 Thomas formed the Free Foreclosure Assistance Center and is currently helping homeowners protect their assets and avoid foreclosure nationwide. In 2006 and 2007 Thomas was one of the leading Foreclosure Professionals exiting the Loss Mitigation Counseling industry. The decision was not popular with the 20,000 Foreclosure Professionals that promoted these services and went out-of-business overnight. Even though this was originally viewed negatively by many, Thomas believed the homeowner always comes first and followed his convictions rather then public opinion and revenue.

In a short speech prior to issuing the award, Robert Gill stated, "A few years ago Thomas found himself in the middle of a very difficult controversy. A few of his strategic partners offered services that ultimately took funds from homeowners in need. Thomas immediately shut down the relationships at the cost of losing a substantial amount of money and enraging thousands of his agents. It was the right thing to do and very few people would of made the same decision. I have known Thomas Tsilionis for 5 years now and consider him a very special friend and someone I have the upmost professional respect for. If you know Thomas as well as we do you will realize quickly that he has a lot to say and will always follow his convictions at any cost."

Thomas' popularity is increasing drastically and his Facebook group has grown to over 13,000 members. Thomas Tsilionis is a writer, trainer and public speaker and has recently written one of the most popular books available to ACREPRO members. The recent publication 'The Foreclosure Survival Answer Book' is sold to our members at the discounted price of $34.95 which is less than 50% off retail suggested pricing.

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