Innovative Web Site Targets People on the Move, a new international platform for people interested in taking up residence abroad makes its launch debut.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 18, 2009 --( (TUR), an innovative international digital platform specially designed to assist foreign professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and retirees interested in moving abroad made its launch debut today.

The worldwide shift towards a global economy has everyone from highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to students and retirees taking a closer look at living abroad. Whether for the pursuit of a more lucrative job, a better education or the desire for a higher standard of living, interest in moving to another country has steadily increased over the past few years.

The idea of moving to another country is exciting, but it can also present some daunting challenges for people trying to find up-to-date and reliable information about a particular country. Many people interested in moving abroad are experiencing difficulties in finding in-depth and relevant information that goes beyond a country’s basic highlights and history. The challenge of finding relevant and concisely written information has potential expatriates searching for web sites that can meet those needs. is that web site. It is a user-friendly, interactive platform offering clear and concise practical information on topics a new immigrant is likely to encounter when moving to a new country. In addition to providing a wealth of information, offers several unique features. For instance, the Profile Optimizer© gives users the ability to explore countries of interest based on the individual’s specific preferences. Other innovative features will include the User Score Country Index©, a side-by-side comparisons of countries based on user criteria, and user-ratings for listed service providers.

Michiel Schokking, founder and owner of summed up the purpose of the web site: "People throughout the world are increasingly moving across borders to live and work. We know from personal experience just how big a step, and how emotionally overwhelming, moving to another country can be. Finding current and relevant information on a country, available in a single user-friendly location, can make the process of moving much easier," he says.

"It was our drive to create a web site that lowers potential barriers and moves people closer to their objective of living in another country. That was our goal and I believe we successfully accomplished it. Now, moving forward, our mission will be to continually update and improve the web site’s content based on user feedback. "

At, users will find:
Up-to-date information on over 19 relevant topics for countries featured such as employment, finance, education, healthcare, housing and visas and permits. Personal interviews from expatriates who have or are now living in that country. Contact information for government resources and service providers who can potentially offer assistance. Interactive forums where users can ask questions or share insights into their experiences living abroad. currently features concise and relevant profiles on 17 countries. More countries in all regions are being researched and will be added soon, along with additional interactive features.

Michiel Schokking
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