Full Order Book for UK Marketing Magician

Despite the recesion UK Marketing company, Stefan Drew Associates have full order books and are attracting business from 12,000 miles away

Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom, March 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Despite the recession marketing consultants, Stefan Drew Associates, report a full order book. Traditionally serving businesses in the West Midlands the business, which is based in Marton, Warwickshire, UK, has expanded over the last three years and now advises businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

Director, Stefan Drew commented, “We’ve grown every year since we started but had expected to see a slight downturn in recent months. However we continue to attract new clients and our order book is full for the first time ever.
Over the last year interest in the ways we can help businesses grow has increased considerably and this has resulted in us expanding to the extent that we now have many overseas clients. Our most recent new client is based in Melbourne, Australia and goes to show how even small businesses like ours can trade internationally.

He continued, “In previous recessions we have seen businesses cutback on their marketing as trading became difficult. This time, although a lot of businesses are cutting back, we are seeing the more enlighten businesses realising that without marketing they have no future. It is so easy to focus on the negative but these businesses are being positive and can see opportunities for expansion that their competitors fail to see.

Because some businesses are cutting back it means that those that actively market are able to grab market share. They are also finding that the cost of marketing is dropping as advertising becomes cheaper.

We are also able to help clients utilise the hundreds of free and low cost marketing methods that are now available and these businesses are frequently surprised to find that, due to using marketing more effectively, they can cut their marketing spend and grow profits at their same time.

Clients often ask us if these methods work and we point to our use of tools like Google Adwords, Google Earth, websites plus automated newsletters and the way they have helped us to fill our order books.”


Further details from Stefan Drew FIBC on 07904 897 929 or via Stefandrew@gmail.com

Notes to Editors

Having advised businesses on both sides of the Atlantic Stefan’s work has been published in over 50 countries and he has subscribers to his regular Marketing Newsletter in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.
Stefan’s clients range from sole traders and SMEs to corporates and include household names in the public and private sector.

Stefan recommends businesses use the hundreds of free and low cost marketing methods available to businesses of all sizes; these include free advertising, Google Maps, search engines, free directories, subscription newsletters and SEO etc.

Previously Head of Press, Publicity and Marketing at the Contributions Agency Stefan directed marketing for a number of large colleges before setting opening Stefan Drew Associates in 2005. Despite spending little on marketing the business has grown rapidly year on year; a fact Stefan puts down to implementing his own advice.

Stefan Drew, who is based in Marton Warwickshire, is a member of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce where he is a Council Member and their SME Ambassador.

Stefan is also a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants.
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