Washington Business Owner Finds Increased Success Thanks to SEM Company Dotless Domain

Washington state entrepreneur finds success for his business while partnered with search engine marketing firm Dotless Domain.

Las Vegas, NV, March 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A Washington state entrepreneur has partnered with internet advertising company Dotless Domain to run an online marketing campaign, and has seen an increase in sales despite the faltering global economy.

Thomas Brandt is the owner of a home business in Bellevue, Washington, and he said that the information and services provided by DotlessDomain.com has been the key part to his recent success.

“Times are difficult right now for most people to say the least, but thanks to their wonderful staff and helpful customer service, I was able to make a great business decision,” Brandt said. “Life is full of opportunities if you keep your eyes and mind open. Dotless Domain’s phenomenal search engine marketing program has been a great opportunity for me and my business that I am glad I didn't let pass me by.”

Brandt has been working with the Las Vegas-based Dotless Domain for just over six months and has seen a drastic increase in web traffic to his site and a boost in sales as a result.

“Mr. Brandt has been a great success story for both our marketing process and for his business,” Chance Cross, VP of Media Relations for Dotless Domain, said. “During these harsh economic times it brings our organization great pleasure every time we are able to improve one of our customer's lives.”

In spite of the worsening economic conditions across much of the world, Dotless Domain has been a bit of a shining star. The company has reported steady sales and earning growth month after month.

That becomes particularly surprising when considering how badly the Las Vegas economy has been hurt by the recession. Unemployment is approaching 10 percent and losses continue to mount for the casinos that have made the region profitable.

“I am grateful this opportunity arose with it did,” Bertrand said. “At a time when almost everything on the horizon seemed to be bleak, it is nice to know that someone out there is making a difference for the little guy. Thanks to this search engine marketing program, I’m no longer as stressed about what the future holds.”

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