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Are you thinking about getting married? Are you engaged already? Are you newlyweds? Getting married is an exciting and momentous event in our lives that also comes with its own set of challenges. Be ready for what's next by learning skills and gaining the knowledge you need to master a successful and enjoyable life-long commitment to the person you love.

New York, NY, March 19, 2009 --( Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC (MMFT), founded by Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT, CIT, CFT, specializes in working with Couples assisting them succeed at their relationship. They provide services to high functioning clients from a positive and strength focused approach. Metropolitan MFT caters to individuals wishing to enhance their life and relationships without the stigma associated with "going for therapy."

They operate from the belief that people have the ability to change and that they can achieve their fullest potential given the right conditions. They further believe that people can create the right condition for themselves and their relationships.

The PreMarital Program was designed for all kinds of couples who are considering getting married, are planning a wedding or are newlyweds. It includes state of the art relationship concepts and technologies to assist partners learn basic relational skills and marital know-how. Any new venture has a learning curve and skills to master for it to be a successful and enjoyable. This new chapter in your life is no different. As you embark on this new journey with your partner make sure you set yourselves up for success.

About the Program:

In this instructional, experiential and didactic program you will learn communication, conflict resolution and relationship enhancement skills while learning about specific topics you need to address to ensure a peaceful and successful transition into married life. The program provides a safe and guided environment where you and your partner learn the new relational concepts and skills and get on the same page about your future life together. Come learn a ton, gain useful skills, address concerns, negotiate and resolve issues, set goals, create a plan, and have fun - come set your marriage up for success.

Sessions Include:

Relational concepts, skills, and tips

Specific topic material and resources

Brief group discussion, sharing and Q&A

Private time to process topic


Boundaries & Peace of Mind:
Cultivating appropriate expectations of yourselves and each other, in-laws and others

Creating & Managing a Joint Life:
Negotiating chores, responsibilities and healthy routines

Securing Your Future:
Managing finances and setting up for financial independence

Satisfying Intimacy:
Creating and enjoying sexual compatibility

Starting a Family:
Deciding to have children and becoming parents

Leisure Activities & Fun:
Exploring and pursuing personal and joint interests

Maintaining Balance:
Juggling dual-careers, personal and family needs, civic and other commitments, and everything else.

Your Higher Power & Relationship Vision:
Living by your core values, spirituality, giving back, your goals and future together

Register Today and Start Enjoying Your MetroRelationshipTM Journey. Contact Emma:

Cynthia L. Piretto, MA in MFT
Specializing in Couple Intimacy

Start Date & Sessions Information:
Monday, May 18th, 2009 - Sessions will be held for 9 consecutive Mondays

You have schedule conflicts? No problem. Missed sessions can be made up with One-On-One 45 minutes Couple Make-up Sessions** scheduled at your convenience (schedule them with the facilitator as soon as you know your schedule as her slots are limited).

Registration Deadline:
Friday, May 15th, 2009

7:30 - 9:00 pm

280 Madison Avenue at 40th Street, Suite 208, NYC

$40 Registration
$80 per Session** (includes materials)

*You are responsible for the full program fee, regardless of attendance. Fee does not include suggested book reading (reading list provided at First Session).

**One-On-One Couple Make-up Sessions are available at an additional discounted rate of $100 per session.

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