Isaac Paige Associates CEO Urges US and Others to do More to Help Economy

Isaac Paige Associates Chairman Peter Matthews challenges the US and others to clean up economic mess they have caused.

Seattle, WA, March 19, 2009 --( Isaac Paige Chairman Peter Matthews has challenged the US and other industrialized countries to clean up the global economic mess that he says they have caused.

Peter Matthews says “Opec has done its part by deciding Sunday not to cut output levels”. The Isaac Paige Chairman continued by saying “OPEC has not seen any positive results from the world's leading industrialized countries he says have created the problem”.

Matthews finished his speech by saying “On Sunday, OPEC also said it would concentrate on eliminating overproduction by some members and OPEC estimates that the world's supply of oil would be reduced by about 800,000 barrels a day, if all such overproduction was eliminated”.

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