Modern Application of Ancient Technology Helps Thai People

Marketing a traditional deodorant crystal to the West provides economic opportunity and funds educational and environmental programs for Thai people.

Midland, MI, March 19, 2009 --( Mined for their deodorizing properties, potassium/ammonium alum crystals have been used by the Thai people for centuries. These 'stones' absorb and destroy strong odors on the body as well as in food storage. Until now, this ancient technology was only available locally – until a German inventor and product developer saw the potential to help the native Thai people by selling the crystals worldwide.

Raimund Homberg received a patent in Germany for a new, purified version of the traditional stones and has set about marketing them in collaboration with local Thais. The profits are used to build the local economy, pay for the education of hill-tribe children, and for forest replanting in the area.

OEL Group faced two problems, the first was marketing a large crystal as a body deodorant. Westerners are unfamiliar with natural solutions to the age-old problem of body odor and have been trained to rely on perfumes and harsh chemicals. The second problem is how to interest businesses in selling a deodorant that has a useful life of a year?

Mr. Homberg's solution was to cross-market as an air freshener and allow the benefits of these crystals to self-refer. The line now includes refrigerator and pet area deodorizers, as well as the original body deodorant stone. In all cases, the mineral is re-crystallized to achieve cosmetic grade purity.

Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and all-natural. As western consumers become more attentive to these qualities, the hope is that ancient technology can find a niche, a niche that helps build a community by remaking the old into the new.

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