Foot Care for Flat Feet , a.k.a the "Silent Ailment", Covered by Skin Care

Flat feet is an ailment often misdiagnosed or not known to sufferers due to lack of symptoms. While many of us are worried about skin care, foot care is what concerns a large percentage of Americans as 25% of Americans are dealing with flat feet.

Sacramento, CA, July 17, 2006 --( Flat feet is the subject of’s latest foot care article which identifies a common foot problem that has never really been publicly discussed. This week’s issue focuses on how 25% of Americans who have foot or leg pain overlook the possibility of having flat feet as the cause of their ailment.

In her article “Stepping It Up: Dealing with Flat Feet” skincare and beauty expert Camilla Jean delves into the various causes of flat feet, as well as simple tests individuals can do at home to test if they themselves have flat feet:

“Do a footprint test: after getting out of a swimming pool, examine your footprint on the concrete. If the strip that connects the front of your foot with your heel is the same width as the front of your foot, you’ve got flat feet. If the strip is a thinner line, you have a high arch and a strip that is half the width of the front of your foot classifies as a normal arch.

Evaluate your shoes: place a pair of your shoes on a flat table and stand behind them. Check to see if the soles are worn evenly. A flat foot causes the inside of the sole in the heel area to wear down faster, causing the shoe to easily rock from side to side.”

One important factor the article points out is the general misconception that store-bought sole inserts, such as Dr. Scholl’s, will automatically correct the problem. “Stepping It Up: Dealing with Flat Feet” informs readers that such inserts may do more harm than good. Getting checked out by an orthopedic surgeon is the best solution for anyone has foot or leg pain. From there, the proper treatment can be prescribed. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these other feet related articles:

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