Realtime Arts Enables Computer Artists to Acquire New Skills

The company launches Digital Arts Guild website to provide high quality learning resources for computer artists.

San Francisco, CA, March 19, 2009 --( Realtime Arts™, a creative agency providing professional computer graphics production and training services, today announced the launch of Digital Arts Guild™, an online source of high quality learning resources for computer graphics artists. The new website may be found at

Art schools and training centers are financially out of reach for many aspiring artists. Paper textbooks are costly and often have limited useful lifespans in the fast-changing landscape of 3D digital content creation software. Digital Arts Guild solves these problems by delivering valuable yet affordable educational content online, allowing access to students from around the world.

Training offerings include tutorials, online workshops, and eventually full courses. To accommodate different learning styles, Digital Arts Guild makes use of streaming video in addition to written tutorials. Many lessons and supplemental resources are currently made available free of charge. Low-cost subscription options will be rolled out as the site grows.

A live virtual classroom is the setting for Digital Arts Guild Web Workshops. This provides a personally engaging way for students to learn new skills. Voice, chat and application sharing allow interaction with the instructor in real time. This experience moves beyond the traditional online training model, which is conducted asynchronously, primarily via text forums and email.

“The Internet has revolutionized publishing, and it’s poised to do the same for education,” said Aaron F. Ross, Director of Training at Realtime Arts. “While there will always be a need for face-to-face instruction, e-learning is revealing incredible new options for students and trainees. What distinguishes Digital Arts Guild is our dedication to pedagogy, the science of teaching. Most 3D training simply catalogs software features or documents production workflows. Our resources are designed with careful consideration of how people actually learn, based on the latest research in educational psychology.”

Ross, who developed the initial content found on Digital Arts Guild, is an Autodesk® Certified Instructor for Maya® and is the author of three books on 3ds Max® animation software. He has a decade of experience teaching 3D computer graphics at the college level, and has also taught many professional development courses.

Realtime Arts will continue to provide customers with in-person training under its own name for professionals and companies in need of advancing their creative capabilities. Individuals and small groups can benefit from a number of existing courses. The company also works with its clients to develop customized courses in order to instruct for a particular platform or toolset.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share our experience and knowledge with a wider range of creative customers,” said Christian Greuel, President of Realtime Arts. “By way of Digital Arts Guild, we are able to address the needs of those looking to get a foothold in this trade, while at the same time serving the specific requirements of our professional clients working to improve upon or augment their existing skill sets. There are few things more rewarding than enabling others to be more creative and productive.”

Realtime Arts training offerings include customized courses in digital content creation and design visualization. Classes draw upon real-world knowledge gained in actual production environments and are taught in either of the leading 3D graphics packages, 3ds Max or Maya. The company supports training for a wide range of disciplines and industry specializations such as animation, architecture, games, geospatial, graphic design, industrial, scientific, virtual worlds, visual effects, and visual simulation.

Digital Arts Guild is a wholly owned project of Realtime Arts LLC. The website can be found at

About the company:

Realtime Arts LLC is a privately held limited liability company, which provides interactive 3D computer graphics production and training services for the virtual worlds, serious games, and visual simulation industries. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

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