Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. is Pleased to Announce it Has Acquired the Tekon Corporation

Canyon Lake, CA, July 15, 2006 --( Fred Adickes, was part in a leading toy development firm and helped take part in the creation of products for major companies such as Fisher Price and Ideal. Fred also spent many years as a consultant to Mattel Toys. Fred is on record as helping create the Hot Wheels line of toys.

Eric Adickes, the son of Fred Adickes was and is President of CTek, LLC formed in 1996. CTek, LLC known for fabricating innovative products that include one-of-kind futuristic cars for the entertainment industry. The breez system glass panels, which architects can fit together to create walls, are among CTek´s most recent designs.

The name Tekon and logo was personally created by Fred as CEO and President of CTek Coating, LLC in the fall of 2002. The Tekon letters are the same used in the letters Tek of CTek. Fred, designed the oval logo for Tekon using the C art from the unique C in CTek to surround the letters Tekon much in the same way the C surrounded the letters Tek in the CTek Coatings, LLC logo also designed by Fred in 1996. Fred Adickes CEO and President of CTek Coatings, LLC filed the Tekon trademark 10/10/03.

Fred Adickes and Eric Adickes owned 60% of CTek Coatings, LLC. The Tekon product Greek names were named by Fred.

On 9/16/03 CEO and President of CTEK Coatings, LLC Fred Adickes leased a new office for CTek Coatings/Tekon located at 17981 Suite K Sky Park Circle, Irvine CA 92614.

On or about 3/18/04 CEO and President of CTek Coatings, LLC Fred Adickes filed an application and was approved for Tekon, LLC. Many business dealings the customers wanted to deal with a corporation, not a LLC so at a later date Fred Adickes would file for the Tekon corporation.

Most of the chemicals that CTek Coatings/Tekon used were purchased from different manufacturers and relabeled with the Tekon Greek names.

Late 2004 Fred Adickes Tekon Corporation became the Division of Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. would begin to produce and supply Fred Adickes Tekon Corporation with chemicals produced by Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. own chemist.

Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. is now the owner of Tekon Corporation. Tekon Corporation licensed and authorized since 2004.

Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. has been licensed and authorized since 2004 to manufacture Tekon´s Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and other chemicals. If the Tekon line of products are not manufactured by Tekon Corporation, a Division of Sealing Technologies Management, Inc. they are not licensed and authorized to manufacture the Tekon chemical line of products.

Business opportunities available. If interested in being in contact or receive information on becoming a Tekon Applicator or Distributor please visit the Tekon Corporation website at 

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